[Dream, first-line employee style] The EMU has a "back rule"

[Dream, first-line employee style] The EMU has a "back rule"

"Strong, the second procedure of the rainstorm operation operation should be confirmed to confirm the contact network voltage, you remember the wrong." On the morning of September 12, in Yinchuan Passenger Transport (EMU) The EMU in the workshop simulates the cab, "Golden Small Class" is open – Li Jinrong is guiding Li Qiangqiang’s study regulations, and several colleagues surrounded by his two seriously listened.

"More than 3,000 specification procedures, more than 80,000 standardized operation points, must be kept in mind and is skilled, and the hard work is not until the next year.

"Li Jinrong said to Li Qiangqiang. Previously, Li Jinrong was familiar with the two regulations of the heart, and each of the bricks were thick. Li Jinrong is the" Snowing King "in the system.

On July 16 this year, he participated in the 4th "Artisan Cup" employee vocational skill competition in Lanzhou Bureau. The driver of the EMU driver on 400 cadres and workers recited the regulatory stadium. He calmly and calmly answered the host’s question. The rules of the rules will also be highly difficult for non-normal disposal operation procedures. The word is not leaking, winning the full house, the title of "Squiration King" is not awkward.

"I haven’t forgotten the matter.

"Li Jinrong said that it can be" carrying the ruling king ", in addition to engraving reading regulations, but also stems from him to consolidate memory.

In May 2020, Li Jinrong went to Wuhan dynasty to learn for a while, and the daily skills strengthening training opened his eyes. After contacting the new memory method, he carefully studied and practiced in accordance with method.

Gradually, the text on the regulatory became a clear operation "Map" in his mind, and every operational program driving in the EMU was "loaded" into his mind. In Li Jinrong, it is more meaningful to share good methods. In order to let the workers in the EMU learn the regulations, use a good regulation, after returning to the unit, Li Jinrong took the initiative to use the rest time in the EMU to simulate the cab to the workers to explain the rules.

He is also self-editing, helping the workers improve learning efficiency.

"As long as the ‘Jinrong Small Class" is open, the door is crowded with the EMU driver and passenger car flight attendant. Everyone follows the’ back-oriented king ‘school regulations, safety awareness and security capabilities are rapidly improved.

Song Lei, deputy director of Yinchuan Passenger Transport (EMU), said that in August, there have been 17 motorcycles and passenger cars, due to the prevention of accidents, "The Golden Classroom" will do it all the time, strive Bring more ‘back rules’.

"Li Jinrong said to the reporter.