Struggling new era, carry forward the spirit of hard work

Struggling new era, carry forward the spirit of hard work

  Whenever, Jiancheng is established, writes history, creating a miracle, achieving dreams, can’t invent diligence and conscientious investment.

This requires us like the old yellow cattle, sprinkling sweat in the land, writing struggles in time, and is endless, long time. Carry forward the spirit of hard work, the spirit of the old yellow cattle, the key to work hard. Under the rest of the thousands of miles, the mountains have a fine dust. "Wang Jie Diary" wrote: "Our revolutionary warrior … We must have the loyalty to the ‘old yellow cattle’.

"All the miracles of earth-shattering, there is no small thing, every task, every responsibility. A group of group express brothers put the parcel to the client, weaving the world’s largest logistics and transportation network; The scientific research scrap burys the boring instrument and data, creates the achievements of "the next nine days, the next five octaves"; a grassroots cadres and poor people together "sweat beads fall eight flaps", write under the most successful poverty alleviation Story "…, thereby, we can understand that" socialism is dry, the new era is struggling "," the profound sense of this sentence.

  Carry forward the spirit of hard work, the spirit of the old yellow cattle, must have a force and perseverance. "Shanghai’s highest building, my name". In the 632-meter Shanghai Central Building, there is a honorary wall that is 60 meters long, and the name of more than 4,000 builders is carried out.

In the journey of the unprepared struggle, there are both a lot of visible and exhausted greatness, but also contain countless games, long-term latent production industry. The achievements made in China are not falling in the sky. It is not a gift, but the people of all the people of the whole party use hardworking, wisdom, courage.

The history of "hunting does not have to be in me" and "means must have me", maintaining historical patience, can win the initiative, winning the advantage, and win the future to lay a more solid foundation.

  In the past, it is difficult to struggle, meaning a poor two white; today’s material is abundant, and the ideological can’t succeed.

From "10,000 years later, it is necessary to struggle." The Communist Party is to struggle "," I need hard struggle when I have difficulty hardships, and I need hard work "in the superior material conditions." At the new journey of the national great revival, there will be a difficult and heavy task, inevitably have difficulty and even astonishing waves, especially need us to carry forward the spirit of hard work. "The history and reality have shown that the hard work of the old yellow cattle is not only us. Out of the way, developing and growing important guarantees, is also an important guarantee that we have come to open and create brilliant.

  In that year, the US reporter Edgar Snow was interviewed in Shaanxi Gansun, and the strong will of the Red Army is very simple, and the strong will of struggle is called "Dongfang Magic" "Light of the State".

Sincere, "the spirit, that kind of force, that kind of desire, the kind of enthusiasm … is a rich and splendid essence of human history itself," will never lose. The spirit of always struggling to work hard, courageous, we can create greater brilliance in the new era.

(Editor: Cover pure, Zhang Wei).