Yulin poverty incidence is reduced to 0.6%

Yulin poverty incidence is reduced to 0.6%

Original title: The incidence of poverty in Yulin City drops to% this newspaper (Reporter Cao Rui) On September 16, the provincial government news office held the seventh conference of "winning and depleting poverty struggles and co-circular and comprehensive Xiaowang Dream" series of press conferences. Li Chunli, deputy secretary of Yulin Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Li Chunli introduced Yulin City to deplete the poverty offend to build a well-off society in an all-round way.

Yulin City Poverty is reduced by 10,000 people at the end of 2014 to 10,000 people at the end of 2019, and the incidence of poverty is reduced to%.

Up to now, the Wan Poor has already had exit conditions, all of the 8 poverty counties, all of the 899 poor villages, and the regional overall poverty is basically solved. Yulin City has always taken out the poverty to the first major events and the first people’s livelihood, and the total investment of 100 million yuan is used in the construction of road and drinking water safety project. Insured water; implement rural dilapidated houses to renovate 10,000 households, complete the tenational poverty-stricken households; to pay for the poverty and residents of urban and rural residents, accumulate 10,000 people (subsets) into low security, 10,000 people are included in specialty support; Strengthen the "seven-long responsibility system" of the controllet, and the completion of the company’s compulsory education is no longer dropped out of school due to poverty; the poor people are all incorporated into the "triple guarantee" system, urban and rural residents’ medical insurance achieve full coverage.

  Yulin City adheres to the promotion of mass income as a leader of the poverty reduction, and the per capita net income of the poor increased by 3013 yuan at the end of 2014 to 10206 yuan at the end of 2019, an average annual growth rate; vigorously implement "4 + X" industry poverty alleviation Project, the poor people with a million working capacity and willing to develop industries have realized the full coverage of the industry; vigorously promote photovoltaic poverty, build 264 panevoe, and the Poverty Poverty Power Station, related 751 poor villages, have a fixed power generation payment per year Poverty alleviation; full implementation of poverty alleviation credit policies, accumulating the poverty alleviation credit billion; fully promote employment poverty alleviation, accumulating the rural labor transfer employment, the city has labor capacity and employment will have at least 1 person Employment. Since 2014, Yulin City has invested all kinds of poverty alleviation funds, and the poverty-stricken counties have invested billions.

Yulin City implements 267 Suzhou, 267 projects; To carry out village enterprises cooperation, the knot is a total investment of 100 million yuan to support the help, 940 private enterprises and 488 social organizations, benefiting the poor.

(Editor: Gu Yan, Wu Yue).