Jiangsu Nantong held the online person’s symposium and "I am doing real things for the masses, online concerning face-to-face"

Recently, Jiangsu Nantong Municipal Party Committee Network Office jointly organized a network of people’s symposia and "I have a real thing for the masses". Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Party Committee Nets Office, Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Overseas Chinese Office, Municipal Industry and Commerce, Municipal New Association, relevant responsible comrades attended the meeting and speaking.

More than 20 people such as Comrade, the relevant office of the Netcom Department, the relevant office of the Netcom Department, and the representatives of Nantong Network. In recent years, Nantong Internet people have actively integrated into the city’s economic and social development, play an important role in brand construction, base creation, suggestion policy, and all positive energy promotion activities, in particular during the prevention and control, showing the industry’s responsibility, made Active contribution. At the meeting, network people 上海最便宜的水磨会所 combined with personal development, on the current developments of the Internet industry, the Internet industry self-discipline, network civilization construction and other content, and put forward concerns and constructive opinions.

The leadership leaders listened carefully to the speech of the Internet, indicating that they would continue to care, support Nantong Internet people healthy and orderly development, 上海徐汇桑拿哪家好 actively carry out various activities, research to explore the help measures for the Internet industry, and strive to create more beneficial for everyone. condition.

The associated network is unanimously expressed, will adhere to the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, value orientation, using the new social class personnel platform to carry out activities and exchanges, actively spread network positive energy, painting online "concentric" under the Internet.

The meeting also surrounded the spirit of the 15th Plenary Session of Nantong Municipal Committee, planning to deploy the "Top Ten Themes" in the Internet, leading the network to brave social responsibility, develop positive energy for collectors, sing Nantong good voice contributing wisdom and strength.


Interview: Enter the Expo to create a win-win situation – visit the world’s famous investor Jim Rogers

  Xinhua News Agency, New York, November 6th Evidence: Entering the Expo to create a win-win situation – visit the world’s famous investor Jim Rogers Xinhua News Agency Wang Jiangang Global Well-known investor Jim Rogers 上海精品油压论坛 receiving the Xinhua News Agency reporter video interview, China The 4th China International Import Expo fully demonstrated the determination of China’s opening up, and the Expo will create a win-win situation.

  Rogers said that in Shanghai, China, China is a very good practice, an innovation.

He said: "Expanding trade exchanges, promoting prosperity is an absolutely sensible approach." "I have advocated open benefits in many speeches."

I have consistently believe that the more we have opened, the more transactions, 上海不准不开心 the more interactive, and we will be better. Due to trade, more friends, the more friends. Rogers said.

  "If China imports more products from Grrop, Gr8 may also purchase more products from China," Rogers said, "This is two-way, not one-way.

History clearly shows that closed countries will be a country where society and economies have recessive. "Rogers emphasized:" Close is negative, open is positive. I hope that China will continue to open, because in the past few decades, China has changed all the situation due to the implementation of opening!

This is good for China and the world. "Rogers pointed out that China has become the second largest economy in the world, with a pivotal position.

Although in the way forward, China is inevitably faces some 上海sn论坛 challenges, but the Chinese government is taking powerful measures. Rogers encourages more businessmen to participate in the fair. "I started to stepping into China since 1984.

I love China, I will continue to change, and I will continue to pay attention to and love China. My two daughters can speak fluent Mandarin, because I am full of enthusiasm and expectations with the future of China.

"He said.

(Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.


Japan’s "National Re-establishment" is strong and strong

  Since this year, Japanese political figures have moved frequently in international and regional order after challenge the World War II. Only in this month. On the 1st, the prime minister in Japan, Abe’s public claiming that Taiwan has something to do, which is a Japanese-US League. On the 7th, there is the day of Japan’s 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and 99 Japanese Missators collectively participate in the Yasukuni Shrine, including several deputy ministers.

The nature of these two events is very serious, and it is not accidental. There are a lot of reasons why the Japanese attitude changes. Here I want to put this problem in the current global process of being 上海品茶论坛低端 frustrated and the nationalist’s reunion, from the perspective of the "new nationalism" political process to talk about this problem. Thinking.

  Since modern times, Japan has three successful processes to build modern sovereignty countries. The first time is the Meiji Restoration (self-built). The second time is the renovation of Japan after the war (he built), the third time is the 1980s. The new nationalist political process (self-built + recreation) has constituted the trilurate of Japanese modern sovereign state.

  Japan’s construction of modern sovereignty is based on the development of the Meiji and dimension, and the end of the Second World War I fail. After World War II, the United States took over Japan.

On the one hand, in the context of Japan’s domestic peaceful thinking,上海不正规浴场哪里有 "absolute nationalism" was violent and ruthlessly criticized and whipped, the nationalist reputation sweeping, was regarded as a banned area, has to be more concealment "Down. On the other hand, in Japan, the US occupying army brought to Japan’s "modern sovereign national style" is not the autonomous choice of Japan, but the transformation of a surgical formulation made by Japan under the leadership of Japan, is the United States External national logic, this kind of "transformed" process is undoubtedly a painful and even shameful process, which is objectively reserved for Japan.

Once Japan becomes strong, or the United States is tied to the strategic demand for the day, Japan will be stupid, trying to carry out the so-called "post-war finals", return to self, rebuild the country. By the mid-1970s, in the absence of significant changes in the situation at home and abroad, Japan’s social elites and political figures began to be transformed and arranged, tried to "total liquidation" in the post-war order to change Japan. The status of semi-sovereign countries or abnormal countries.

The "absolute nationalism" logic before World War II began to reflect with "new nationalism", and from the initial cover, shame, gradually developed into the political concept of the leading Japanese national strategy. Japan’s "new nationalism" is both inherited with the past self-owner "conservative" political route, but also has a significant feature, focusing on the theoretical foundation of Japan’s "national superior theory", with the royalism as the kernel, pursue practical Foreign policies and philosophy, with the pursuit of politics and military big country status that are commensurate with economic powers. This kind of "re-establishing the country" in its own way, becoming the common political appeal of the old generation and new generation of political figures, becoming the highest political appeal of these people. In recent years, Japan’s impulse is increasingly strong due to changes in the environment at home and abroad, increasingly incorporating.

The process of the globalization process is frustrated, the world economy is sluggish, the relative decline of US hegemony, the rapid rise of China, etc., is the external reason for accelerating this process.

With the deep changes in the international situation, from Zeng Gang, Xiaoli Lang, Xiao Quan Chirang to Abe, the increasingly strong "national re-establishment" impulse, not only evolving into an upgrade version, but also has a commitment to Japan’s politics And influence, and are still continuously upgraded. Japan’s "New Nationalism" political process acceleration, many major political processes in countries, regions, and global levels, overlap and flow, and constantly release negative energy and risk, the situation in China and Japan, East Asia The global pattern is caused by impact, and the world needs to give high attention and vigilance to this, and to do a good job in accurately develop judgment and adequate response. As the big country in East Asia, China has been stabilized to the development of China-Japan relations. At the same time, it is highly active from strengthening regional and global governance as a highly active active as a high-level active as a high-rise and global governance. Sino-Japanese relations, contribute to the peaceful development of the region and the world. (The author is the director of the East Asian Research Center of Shanghai Foreign Mandarin University) Editor: Zhang Nan.


Jiangsu provincial government party members and cadres have really grasped their work, solving the masses

Original title: I really caught the hard solving the masses "I am very embarrassed". "Seeing the staff after get off work, I am so warm!" At 7 o’clock on November 9, Wang Hua, who lives in Huaqiao City, Jiangbei, Jiangbei, November 9th. 10 minutes to the Taishan Street Medical Service Center soon completed the medical insurance period for the medical insurance required for work, "neither delayed working hours, and saving it back to the next two hours drive, but the heart is a hurry "15 minutes of medical insurance service circle", is a microcosm of the provincial government to practice "two in two" build new practices.

After the provincial party committee deployed "two in the two" new work, the Provincial Party Provincial Organization Working Committee conducted extensive mobilization in the organizational surface, laminating, four months, provincial government 7,000 grassroots party organizations, Wan famous party members are in front, the calculation rate, continue to change the wind, the wind, the same, to think about the masses, help the masses, solve the development, and do everything possible to do good things, put practical things , Doing the people’s heart, it is real in solving the problem of the masses "urgent expensive". The job position is to make a specific work for the people and the all-handed positions, and truly build new work.

In the past few days, the provincial government departments actively carried out action, and in a series of pragmatic initiatives, the "two in the two" requirements were effectively integrated into the reform and development, and implemented the practical practical things for private. The party group of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission continued to implement 50 people’s livelihood, the party group members led the branch office, linked to the city counties, actively brought more than 40 groups of major projects and infrastructure construction in the near future.

The Party of the Provincial Party Committee established "two two" construction new power pioneers, the monthly organized party members and cadres to carry out volunteer service activities such as environmental protection, civilized persuasion, helping the masses to solve specific difficulties.

The provincial propaganda cultural system passes the rich results of the Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo, showing the fruitful results of the Great Canal Cultural Protection, and let the people feel the happiness and feelings brought by the canal culture from eating, living, travel, travel, purchase, and entertainment.

Find "blocked" and solve problems for grassroots and corporate. The epidemic has adversely affects industrial production. The emergency grassroots of the Provincial Working and Chemistry Office is urgent, and the team members take the lead in leading the practical project, focusing on industrial economic operation, cluster cultivation, strong chain engineering, industrial transformation and upgrading, etc., sinking to grassroots enterprises and The park, find the problem of blocking points, and solve problems for grassroots and corporate. The provincial market supervision bureau revised the "Some measures to actively respond to the exact solution of the exact market", optimize the enterprise registration "full network" service, promote the convenience of the company’s cancellation, and implement the epidemic prevention and control equipment to test business charges, SME measuring instruments detection business charges, benefiting more than 2,000 companies (units), and reduced business expenses of more than 220 million yuan.

To ensure the prevention of waste materials processing specifications and safety, environment led Provincial Department leadership team members to carry out front line inspectors found 184 safety problems and disposal, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Strong play, excellent service, benefit people’s livelihood.

The provincial government office to connect with grassroots market players and demand, guide the provincial government public information system set up thematic column, timely and accurate release profit enterprises farmer-friendly policy.

Production safety is related to people’s lives and property safety, the past few days, the Office of the provincial emergency management for hazardous chemicals, industrial, mining and other key industries units, in-depth look risk areas, actively carry out special rectification, to further guard against and defuse potential safety problems.

"Small incision" resolution of the masses "trouble worry hope" Provincial Provincial Organs require departments to issue units ran, staring at the puzzle solution, the people closely linked to the main line, in-depth investigation and outstanding problems in the field of people’s livelihood, the resolution of the masses "distress worry hope "has made new progress on the issue, new achievements, the things people do in the heart. Not small towns, the masses "zero run errands."

This year, the provincial medical insurance bureau solid run "ten practical livelihood, health insurance," building "nanny" deputy charge d’affaires on-site office, the lack of capacity to do a special case, a 24-hour self-service to do a number of innovative initiatives, "15 minutes Medicare service circle "demonstration sites, residents at home can run a number of health care thing. Up to now, the province’s 32 demonstration sites have been fully completed and put into use, the cumulative services to various insured up to the masses million.

Do real good, solid and good. Provincial Organs to develop "working committee authority to carry out" two in two with the "build new features action plan", the leadership to take the lead in-depth research, link to help coastal counties Renjie village complete renovation of Gu Zhenghong martyr’s former residence, party-perfect supporting service center facility, installation of solar street lighting, dredging canals and other people’s heart thing. Ministry of Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources is indeed the right registration office branch investigation focused, solve problems left over by history since 6201 unified registration, enterprises involved in 4605, the masses more than 430,000 households, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of right holders.

The masses is no small matter what, drip Internati people.

Provincial Communications Department is one thousand truck drivers to coordinate and handle the qualification certificate "through inter-provincial Office" to build 541 homes truck drivers, for them to solve drinking water, meals and other convenient services.

Provincial Postal Service promote the settlement of express delivery vehicle road legal compliance problems, the provincial federation of trade unions to provide summer cooling courier, cold and warm, drinking hot meals and other care services.

Provincial Department of Veterans Affairs to arrange 352 martyred participate in short-term treatment, warmth 上海闵行区龙凤spa to the 7486 martyrs children.

Provincial Department of Education to further improve the martyr their children to school policy, specifically the children of martyrs to take the exam, the exam results out on the basis of their cultural entrance, plus 20 points Forms Pick the time of admission.

Provinces linked to heart things do people learn in a total of History, and do practical things altogether, and seek common development.

70 departments and provincial authorities in Nanjing level authorities 73 departments to establish normal contact, provincial and municipal authorities more than 60,000 party members and cadres act together, cooperate and coordinate their efforts to people’s livelihood practical "incision" to solve the people’s troubles.

Thought is the precursor of action. Provincial and municipal authorities Party 静安区快餐服务 innovative combination of learning, learning together into History education base, accept the red spiritual nourishment. When the study tour, party members and cadres not only to listen carefully to explain the scene, but also take the initiative to expand the scope of learning, in-depth surrounding communities, villages, enterprises, through on-site viewing, held seminars, etc., research to understand the grassroots people are most concerned about, the most urgent needs of the reality around aspects of community home care services, living environment improvement, environmental protection and other organs of 71 provincial and municipal levels counterparts agreed on a total of 356 things to do projects, widely praised by the masses. Theory with practice, learning outcomes into efforts to do their jobs, people’s actual results service. Work each branch authority to lead the 老闵行江川路浴场150 party organizations in-depth twinning community, listed as practical things the list of items, develop specific programs, currently, each branch of the four categories of 32 to do things for the project has been completed 27.

Nanjing new crown sudden outbreak of pneumonia, each branch were mobilized for the first time organize Party members to each community volunteer service, dispatched a total of more than 230 people, nearly 2 million of voluntary donations, Ninghai Street Party Working Committee, twinning community party They were presented pennants and thank you.

Lead the party building high quality guarantee high-quality development.

Provincial authorities organized "party flag flying high in the rank" and "service pioneer in the development of high-quality action team" activities, 98 vanguard party branches to play a fighting force, innovative services, provincial authorities to promote the service directly to grassroots, to achieve organs service resources and the actual needs of the masses precision docking.

Yangzi Evening News, the province’s third branch in-depth field research in more than 20 rural communities interviewed for the implementation of the strategy to revitalize the rural Jiangsu suggestions, feel the pulse of economic development for the rural area. Improve the mechanism to pay attention to long-term. Party set up by the provincial authorities generally Gongzuozhuanban, specifically responsible to determine the annual work program and establish a sound working mechanism, etc., insist on the implementation of the project, a list of progress, sustained carry out the "two in two with the" build new features action provide assurance.

" ‘Two in two with’ build new features action is a long-term task, we must continue to promote, adhere to the long-term norm." Provincial Organs official says the next step, the provincial working committee will be deployed in accordance with the requirements for in-depth History education to promote learning, to further enhance the glorious mission "I do practical things for the masses’ practice quality and efficiency, to ensure that things run, do real good, better carry" striving to set an example, to become demonstration, in the forefront "of . □ reporter Chen Minghui (Editor: Xiao Xiao, Tang Lulu) share to allow more people to see.


Jiamusian institution "weight loss slimming" "strong muscle bone"

"Before handling the house transfer and the real estate registration procedures to run two units, now a window is venue.

"A few days ago, at the entrance of the real estate registration center of Jiamusi City, I just launched the reporter.

"This is the results of reforms.

Liu Yuanxin, director of Jiamusi City Real Estate Registration Center, introduced that due to the optimization of business processes, the human resources use is not sufficient, "put it sufficiency" reform dividend has not been fully released.

Nowadays, the official debut of the City Real Estate Registration Center allows "one window to accept" "Life-like", "the most running", "fingertips", "" fingertips business "has become a reality.

Close, faster, and better social services, is the results of the achievement of the reform of the business units in Jiamusi City. Since June last year, Jiamusi City re-established the city classification promotion institution reform team, established a joint review mechanism that took the lead, organizational, organizational and human society and other departments.

Along the focus areas and key links, the city’s deepening the reform pilot work is continuously advanced.

The number highlights the reform. Through this round of reform, Jiamusi City’s business agency is streamlined to 276, streamlined 86, streamlined%; career preparation is streamlined from 18,270 to 16958, streamlined 1312.

"Through reforms, we have a large compression and unreasonable institution to prepare 159 in the fields of compulsory education, people’s livelihood services and other fields.

At the same time, focus on institutions that are similar to the city ‘small ablation’, responsibility tasks and service objects, and the business associations are strong.

"Sun Hongan, deputy director of the Jiamusi Municipal Committee," said that the image is equivalent to slimming for the business unit to lose weight and strong bones.

"Located in the smart city running command center, No. 820, Chang’an West Road, Jiamusi, is 上海sn水磨 one of the objects of" strong and health ".

In order to promote smart city construction, this round of reform will integrate command centers and 12345 government service hotline, and the institutional specifications are subjected to sub-departmental institutions, and the career has increased from 7 to 17.

After upgrading, the smart city running command center, combines 14 functions such as social governance, the acceptance rate of the acceptance rate is%, and the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 98%. "The institution of this minus must be reduced, the functions must be combined." The Municipal Party Committee compiled the supervision of the four-level researcher Han Yue said that "the reform basically solves the departmental supervision, the organizational structure is not smooth, and the organization responsibilities are 上海海选的场所 more Clear.

According to the relevant personnel of Jiamusi City CDC, this reform, Jiamusi City divides the functions and personnel of Tuberculosis Prevention and Control, the Function and Personnel of Skin Disease Control, forms a complete work process and disease prevention control. System. Three units after integration realize personnel, instrumental and equipment sharing, unified distribution management of all resources, greatly improved the disease prevention and control capacity of the city. As a multi-Musi, the agricultural product production and processing enterprises in the agricultural market, Director of the Municipal Inspection and Testing Center Introduction, before reform, Jiamusi City agricultural machinery enterprise inspection Inspection and testing center, one-stop service Huimin new model is officially implemented, optimizing the business environment,上海沐足论坛 truly achieving the information multi-running road, and the masses are race legs. "The reform of the institutions is always a difficult hard bone. "Li Mo, director of the Jiamus Municipal Committee, said, next, they will track the reform of this round of institutions, to further optimize functions, stimulating effectiveness, disk living resources, better serve the city’s reform and development overall situation (Li Tan reporter Liu Yi clothing Liu Dabang) (Editor: Li Jiahui, Li Zhongshou) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


Is soy milk, mustard, etc., the price increase price increase? I have to spend more than eating breakfast.

Yesterday morning, Li Dabo, who lived near Hangzhou stadium, like the neighborhood, to buy breakfast near Rouge, but when he took a pack of ancestors, he handed 2 yuan for the salesperson, 上海外滩419会所哪家好 but was blocked by the salesperson: The company started price increase today, and each bag of soy milk is met.

Salt rose, vinegar rose, soy sauce rose, the paper towel rose & hellip; & hellip; for a while, most of the consumer goods related to the lives of the people have given prices.

Recently, the ancestral shares released an announcement on some product price adjustments, and the new price was officially implemented since November 15 this year.

Subsequently, Fuling mustard and King food also issued a price adjustment announcement.

The ancestral soy milk raised the price of breakfast to spend more than 8 November 8th, the ancestral shares released an announcement on some product price adjustments.

According to the announcement, given the continued rising costs of the original auxiliary materials, artificial, transportation, energy, etc. Decided, the ex-factory price of some plant protein drinks (mainly self-rumored bag soy milk) was up and regulated, and the factory price was raised from 15% -20%, and the new price was officially implemented since November 15, 2021.

Yesterday morning, the reputation of the ancestral soy milk was as scheduled, and many stores were posted on the price adjustment. The prices of soy milk from the original 2 yuan, increased to Yuan. There are also some stores, directly mentioned 3 yuan. However, adding the soy milk or free, do not pay additional costs.

The relevant staff of the ancestral shares said that as the people’s livelihood, the company has increased the price of one or two hair to the terminal, so it is more cautious in this regard. In the future, the company will further expand the procurement channel of raw materials such as soybeans, and try to reduce the impact of raw material price increase on the company. At present, the company has certain adjustments to the bean products distributors, different customers reduce different discounts, and the company will promptly announce in some other price adjustment policies.

Next, it is necessary to rise, and the rice is also rising, and more mass consumer goods have entered the price of the price.

On November 14th, Fuling mustard disclosure, based on the continued rising cost of major raw materials, pack materials, appliances, energy and other costs, and the cost of the company’s optimization and upgrading products increased, and the price of some products were adjusted. %-19% does not wait, the price is implemented on November 12 at 17:00. For cost pressure, Fuling must squeeze, the raw materials in some parts of this year have a shortage of natural disasters, leading to rising taps, which belongs to the unique price fluctuations in special circumstances; the company has established raw materials operating branches this year. Strengthen the development, acquisition, processing, operation and other work of bulk raw materials, and strengthen the company’s raw material cost control capabilities.

According to the current sedation and transplanting of the greenhead, it is expected that the price of raw materials will fall back to the reasonable range next year.

Yesterday A shares opened five minutes, Fuling mustard vegetable seal rose on the board. In addition, King Food announced on November 12th, it is said that the price of the company’s series of products will be implemented on December 1st, but no increase in price increases. This is the first announcement of this facade in 2012, and the financial report showed that its main products were noodles, flour, convenient foods. Another main meter and edible oil and other kitchen food faucet gold dragonfish, also implied that products have increased prices in recent investigation.

The relevant person in charge of a large chain supermarket in Hangzhou said that the price adjustment notice of the above-mentioned brand operators has not yet received the above-mentioned brand business, so the retail price of the supermarket will not change, and it may begin with the activity promotion of these items.

Most of the prices of Volkswagen’s consumer goods are due to the fact that the price of the soy sauce fauceta, which is the first to announce the price increase since October 12 this year. Including a number of industrial head listed enterprises, Haitian Tangye, Snow Day, plus food, consulting food, Anjing food, Jiahe food, ancestral shares, etc., covering condiments, quick-frozen food, casual snack, drink Multiple subsets areas.

From the reasons why the price increase, the rise in the prices of these mass consumer goods is due to the cost of promotion, and inflation pressure is being conducted from the production area.

For example, Hengshun Vinegar is announced that the price increase is a sharp rise in the cost of the original auxiliary material, transportation.

The price adjustment notice of Zhongshun Jie soft release has recently continued to rise due to the price of raw materials, leading to the company’s production costs and operational costs to increase & hellip; & hellip; however, this round of price increases, currently to the consumption terminal. Ping An Securities Analyst Zhang Jinwei pointed out in the near-term development, the price of food, butt, the price of food, drinks, will be used as a market benchmark, facing the pressure on the cost of raw materials and packaging materials, and food 长寿路为什么那么多鸡 beverage enterprises often take price pricing measures to transfer pressure. To the downstream channels and consumers. However, considering the full competitiveness of the market, the remaining competitive companies will follow suit after the faucet, and the remaining competitive enterprises will follow suit. Generally, the follow-up time is around 3-6 months. Industry insiders expect the current price wide adjustment, it is expected to complete the rise in the terminal price when the Lunar New Year is expected to be released in a wave of consumption. (Reporter Cheng Chao).


Is the new car low with high tire illegal?

The new car low-rise high with tires are not illegal. According to the "motor vehicle safety technical test items and methods" tires should meet the following requirements: 1 Defect, abnormal wear and deformation. 2, the same type, specification and pattern of tires should be installed on both sides of the coaxial, tire bolts, and half-axis bolts should be complete, fastened; according to the "motor vehicle safety technical inspection project and method" vehicle appearance inspection regulations: The body appearance should be satisfied Requirements: 1. Window glass should be complete, the driver’s field of view should have no cracks, broken damage, all windows should not post the mirror reflective sun 上海后花园花千坊 visor; 2, bumpers, rear view mirrors, underground mirrors should be good; 3 The vehicle body should be Zhou Zong, the highly differential difference of the outer edge of the vehicle body should correspond to the relevant provisions of GB7258; 4, spray, paste or body advertisement should not affect safe driving.

5, the body (car) and its paint surface should not have obvious rust, damaged phenomenon; 6 , Components should not have any tips, sharp edges such as human injuries; "Motor Vehicle Safety Technical Inspection Project and Method" Tire 1, the tire should meet the following requirements: (1) Tire of the tire, The tires should not have a length of more than 25mm or depth enough to expose rupture and cutting of tire curtain layers and other defects, abnormal wear and deformation. (2) Tires should be used on both sides of the coaxial, tire bolts, and half-axis bolts should be 上海夜生活体验网 equipped, fastening; tire specifications should be organized with motor vehicle products (for motor vehicles) When the inspection is a motor vehicle registration information, it is consistent; 2. According to the vehicle type and the properties of the use, the corresponding vehicles should also meet the following requirements: (1) All wheels of highway passenger cars, travel bus and school bus and other motor vehicles do not Refurbished tires should be loaded.

(2) Passenger car, motorcycle and trailer tire tires should be greater than or equal to, other motor vehicle steering wheels should be greater than or equal to; the remaining tire fetal crown pattern should be greater than or equal to, tire tire The surface wear sign should be visible; this article is the editor or translation of China.com · Automobile (), and reprint 上海奉贤品茶 is required to indicate the source.


White,Just take this kind of thing(qíng)Come kidding,Those who deliberately made it difficult to get in。

it’s good now,It is clear,Nothing,Can’t do anything,I can only look at Huang Lei honestly,Count him through。
She let go,Let Huang Lei in,Still whispering in my heart,This is fine,But it’s fine after thinking about it,Anyway this kind of thing(qíng)Nothing good,Doesn’t matter。
Some time to play with each other,I don’t care what happens at this time,He really doesn’t care much about this aspect(qíng)。
that’s it,Huang Lei and Niu went in,Niu looked at Huang Lei curiously,Ask him how do you know the answer,As a result, Huang Lei spread his hands and said he didn’t know,Just guessing。
He is even more curious when he is such a girl,Absolutely impossible,So it’s all over?
Zheng Li is notoriously tricky,How could it be passed by him in a few words,But then I think about it.。
This kind of thing(qíng)It seems nothing good,It’s enough for Zheng Li to stop making things difficult for them,As for other things,And one more thing(qíng),This is just the beginning,There will be more things next(qíng)occur,This has to make the girl continue to worry,At the same time, he told Huang Lei to be careful and careful。
But after entering the bar,(qíng)The situation is much better than they thought,Not noisy(rè)Make trouble,Not much other things(qíng)Everything happened seems so normal,So quiet,Bars are not like bars,inside(qíng)Relatively pleasant,Everyone should be busy,Play,Play their own,In twos and threes。
Generally, the light must be chaotic in bars,How else can I create this atmosphere?
But this bar is different,No confusion here,Looks very comfortable,It is obvious from this point,This place is completely different from what they knew before,And for this, Huang Lei didn’t have much,Like including girls。
Anyway,this matter(qíng)There must be a problem,Otherwise just wait and see。
Originally, the two of them were already healed before then,Must go together,So no matter what happens next(qíng),They can all relate to each other,Can make bad things(qíng)Get better,Can also make things(qíng)Made easier。
Just a lot of things(qíng)I can’t help them think,It’s like Niu met many old friends,These good friends ask her,Niu is not good to refuse?I can only chat with these friends in the end,words。
Huang Lei was together when he first started,It’s just that from time to time those best friends will look at him with weird eyes,On the contrary, it makes Huang Lei very uncomfortable,In the end, Huang Lei found a reason and left。
He just doesn’t like this feeling,It’s okay to be alone,The next time will naturally become Huang Lei’s own。
Huang Lei had his own,Naughty,Play their own。
just,Niu knows a lot of people,She had fun。
But Huang Lei doesn’t know anyone here,The only one who knows Chen Guanlin and Xu Shan,It’s just that those two guys seem to be(tǐng)busy,Constantly greeted the guests,What’s more, there are Zheng Li and Xu Qin,Huang Lei is not stupid enough to provoke them at this time。
Huang Lei hasn’t forgotten that he was also one of the targets caught tonight,How could those guys let him go。

Last night Xu Xuan trained alone until three in the morning?!

Hibbert sorted out the news he heard in his head,Then came to this conclusion。
but.This is crazy too?
How can it be so crazy?
Where is training,It’s totally desperate!
At this moment,The Pacers players who arrived at the arena one after another also knew about Xu Xuan’s feat.。
West and others looked at each other,All looks incredible。
“Three o’clock in the morning?yesterday I.It seems that I only fell asleep at three in the morning.”
“what?You trained yesterday?”
“Don’t believe him,They train in the arena,This guy is on.”
In the morning9Half past one,When Xu Xuan walked into the arena full of energy,Everyone was shocked。
“This pervert doesn’t even yawn?”
“Is he a cow?”
Saw everyone not talking,Instead, they look at themselves like national treasures。
Xu Xuan touched his head unconsciously,“what,I had an accident with my hairstyle today?”

“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon the ninja school·Uchiha Itachi!of course,For this I have to pay a thousand points of life,but,In order to summon the final card,Everything is worth it!”
“then,Ninja School·Uchiha Itachi effect is activated,When this card is on the field,Special call for a toddler·A derivative of Uchiha Sasuke!”
I’m wrapped up and still can’t even speak, infant Sasuke,With zero attack power,Zero defense,An ineffective posture appeared on the field。
“Worthy of being a blogger,Three ninjas were summoned in one turn!”
Tian Dou said in surprise。
“Not over yet!Send three ninjas on the field to the graveyard at the same time as materials,Special Summon Uchiha from the Extra Deck!Uchiha Tomitake!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,It is necessary to have Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,And a ninja that can be specially summoned when a four-star ninja with Uchiha font is used as the material at the same time!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!”
“Remove a ninja from the game,Draw three cards from the deck and send them to the graveyard,Each of them has a ninja with the words Uchiha,I can draw a card from the deck。”
“There are two,So i draw two cards!”
“Write round eye reward,Effect launch,Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Every time a Uchiha Ninja remove game from the graveyard,You can draw a card from the deck。”
“Remove the remaining two ninjas used as materials for Futake Summon from the game,I draw two cards from the deck。”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!When all the fusion materials used as this card are removed from the game,You can add a kaleidoscope writing wheel from the deck to the hand card。”
“then,Activate the effect of another card I just drawn,Uchiha Recruitment!Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Turn all ninjas on the field into ninjas with Uchiha words。”
“Then start the field,Uchiha Cemetery!All the destroyed ninjas with Uchiha,And all the Uchiha Ninjas excluded from the game return to their graves!”
“In addition,That one was sealed by your ninja effect,Card sent to the cemetery,Do you remember?”