Shenyang 22 professional technical associations for enterprises

Shenyang 22 professional technical associations for enterprises

(Reporter Liu Xu) Recently, the Shenyang University of Liaoning Province held a commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the 21st Anniversary of Workman Technology in the Stylistic Works Center.

After 60 years of development, Shenyang Workers’ Sports Association has been 22 professional associations such as cars, pliers, and milling, to solve technical problems for enterprises; companies have established more than 1,000 teams, and more than 60,000 people. In 1961, the national labor model Wujiazhu, Shenyang City Laofu Forest Haifeng, Shenyang City Advanced Producer Wu Daishao took the lead in cooperation to carry out technical research, organized a batch of labor models, can workers in-depth enterprises to help solve technical problems. On October 24, 1961, Shenyang City, the establishment of Shenyang City, the advanced producer of the PLA, and renamed the Shenyang Federation of Trade Unions Mass Technical Collaboration Committee.

The Shenyang Municipal Staff and Technology Association has always adhered to the "worry about the state, for the company to solve the problem, and serve the employee service".

In September 1989, Shenyang City has always established a model, and the Technology Association organizes poverty alleviation and losing the group. It has helped 36 companies to turn over or improve the production and operation status.

In 2007, the Shenyang Municipal Workers’ Sports Association organized the energy-related skillful skills of various professional associations to cooperate with technical problems. By 2011, more than 500 key issues were collected, 275 projects were completed, and 254 were settled. In recent years, employee technical collaboration has developed new development.

In 2015, Shenyang City always started to create a model of labor model (employee), existing municipal-level labor model (employee) innovative studio, 275 innovative studins named after the city’s industries, district and county trade unions and companies. Up to now, the studio has achieved 1658 innovation results, and economic benefits billion yuan.

Shi Zhiyong is happy! Weibo officially married time

Shi Zhiyong is happy! Weibo officially married time

On November 10th, the Chinese Sports were coming again, and China’s current businessworthy champion Shi Zhi brave officials marriage news.

At 23 o’clock, Shi Zhiyong released the card with his wife Chen Xiaodean in Weibo, and the text: Happy event! In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics, Shi Zhiyong adds gold to China with the overbearing achievements of the World Record! With the absolute strength, he has ruthlessly face the Japanese referee, and brushed the screen through the world, Shi Zhiyong received an interview with an interview: I went home to marry you! Commitment to love has now been fulfilled. From the simple era of the student’s era, the two days of the two people in the River, and then to today’s Tokyo won the laistanic championship. This feeling finally succumbed to this day. 3 gold medals, 5 years long run, Shi Chen Farm is a husband, six times award winning the World Weightlifting Championship, I have won the two Olympic champion of Shi Zhiyong, breaking ten world records, 69 kg -73 kg Level, is recognized as the world’s first. This year, he is breaking the world record, take the Olympic gold medal, and will soon will wear a wife.

Shi Zhiyong and his wife Chen Xiaode Dan are primary school students, regardless of Green Mihuma.

Chen Xiandan revealed: At that time, we were studying in Ningbo sports schools. He and I was divided into the same class in sixth grades, or the squad leader in our class. From classmates to lovers, Chen Xiaodean said that the two were coming to it. In 2015, Chen Xiaodean is three, in Ningbo, intern, the internship reporter, and Shi Zhiyong just holding a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, which is the first Olympic champion in Ningbo. Chen Xiaodean said his Olympic Games back to Ningbo, I was arranged to interview him in the past. In this way, the more the topics of the two are more chat, and the feelings are gradually warming.

We are very familiar with each other.

Nowadays, Shi Zhiyong, who is in the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Shaanxi National Games, for Chen Xiandan, has planned a romantic proposal.

Shi Zhiyong personally took two Olympic gold medals and a Games gold medal in Chen Xiaodean’s neck as a payroll.

3 gold medals, is the best commitment to Shi Zhiyong’s feelings of Chen Xiaodean.

When the gold medal hangs at the moment, the 5 years of love, and finally cultivated. Witness the championship moment, pass the people’s joy of the cave, and the gold list. For Shi Zhi Yong, who has already won the gold medal, marriage is another happy thing in the next life. The witnesses in these life in these life, not only have friends and family around, but also a national brand of Chinese ethnic plots and cultures.

When Shi Zhiyong went to Tokyo, the tutorial mattress has been accompanied by him, to mitigate daily training fatigue, and provide depth sleep protection. On the day of the game, I like to witness the championship at the top of the championship. Nowadays, I learned that I have a good news, I will send a new marriage blessing in the first time. I hope that this new person lives sweet and sweet in the future. Since 2015, honeymoon is started, and the concept of happiness will be transmitted to people; to create a family of palace with the Forbidden City culture, realize the happiness of traditional culture and modern drapers; to the title "China New Phase", help more young people Find a marriage partner & hellip; & hellip; Hi Linmen is always committed to spreading the culture and love culture, actively for love.

Sharing and witness the happiness of the championship is the extension of the Yipuanxi culture, love culture. From a minute and one second to life, I hope that every moment of love is sweet, this is a happy feelings who want to pass to the public.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Strengthen and improve the comprehensive leadership of the party’s work

Strengthen and improve the comprehensive leadership of the party’s work

  "Strengthening and improving the party’s comprehensive leadership, is the fundamental political guarantee of the national work of the new era.

"At the Central National Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that" the party must adhere to the leadership of the party to the national work, improve the ability and level of the resolution of national problems, "to strengthen and improve the comprehensive leaders of the party’s national work. Clear Requirements. Our Party will attach great importance to national problems and national work from the date of its establishment.

After the founding of New China, our party creatively combined the Marxist national theory to the Chinese national issues, and walked out of a Chinese characteristic to solve the correct path of national problems, opening up a new era of developing the harmonious relationship between equality and unity and mutual assistance in the development of all ethnic groups. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has made a series of major decision-making deployments on the national work, promoting the new historic achievements of my country’s national unity and progressive careers. In the past for more than 70 years, New China has come, the appearance of ethnic minorities, the face of ethnic areas, the nation’s relationship, the face of the Chinese nation has undergone the historic change of the earth. Practice is fully proven: The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental guarantee of the success of the national work. It is also the fundamental guarantee of all national unity; only the Chinese Communist Party can realize the big unity of the Chinese nation, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can condense all ethnic groups, develop all ethnic groups, Prosperity; as long as we firmly adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, there will be no political forces can provoke our national relationships, and our national unity and unity are fully guaranteed. National work can not be done well, the most fundamental one is whether the party’s leadership is strong.

Do a good job in the national work of the new era, to strengthen and improve the party’s comprehensive leadership, unforgettable, remember the mission, and firmly move the correct road to solve the national problems, adhere to the national regional autonomous system, and strengthen the party’s nation Theory and national policy learning and national unity education, with the main line of the China National Nation Community as the main line, unify the thoughts and operations of all national cadres, and promote all the nations to the great motherland, The high recognition of the Chinese nation, Chinese culture, the Chinese Communist Party, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics, unity leading the people of all ethnic groups to strengthen the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Party committees at all levels must enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and keep in mind the "country", earnestly fulfill the main body Responsibility, putting the party’s leaders through the whole process of national work, forming the unified leadership of the party committee, the government is managed by law, the leading department leads to coordination, the national work department performs duties, all the parties to cooperate, the new era of the new era of the new era of the whole society . It is necessary to strengthen the construction of grassroots national work organizations and national work, ensuring that the grassroots national work effectively operates. Key to do a good job in the party, the key is in the people. We must adhere to the new era of good cadres standards, and strive to build a centralized unified leadership attitude of the party to protect the party. It is particularly resolute. The team ensures that the leaders at all levels have mastered the cadres of loyal and clean. To pay more attention to, care, and care for the first-line cadres who work hard to work, attract more excellent talents.

Pay attention to training and use a good minority cadre, and the excellent ethnic minority cadres who have dare to work will fully trust, and the committee will be responsible. The masses of the people and the government experienced party members, cadres from the party, cadres, and grassroots regimes from the major deal.

Ethnic areas should pay attention to the construction of grassroots party organizations, making it a rich party, united, and set up a strong battle fort for each party, so that every party member has become a stable and unity and promotes common prosperity. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of grassroots political power in the ethnic areas, consolidate the base foundation, and ensure that the party’s national theory and national policy to the grassroots, the nation works in the grassroots.

  The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is the biggest advantage of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. It is the fundamental place of the party and the country. The life pulse is the interests of all national people, the destiny.

In the new journey, under the strong leadership of the party centron, the party centron’s party is strongly, and fully implement the important thinking of our party on strengthening and improving the national work, firmly caught the correct path of national problems, The China National Community is aware of the main line of the new era of the party’s national work, promoting all ethnic groups to be tightly hugged like pomegranate seeds in the Chinese national family. Struggling, we must make people people create a better future, share the new glory and dreams of the Chinese nation! (Editor: Yuan Bo, Niu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Sports color volunteers make up the obligation to send the test team

Sports color volunteers make up the obligation to send the test team

  Original title: Sports Lotus Volunteers Composition Obligation to the test team June 4th, 2021 "Public Welfare Sports Higher Entrance Examination" Volunteer Launch Ceremony, held in the fifth middle school of Taiyuan City.

This public welfare activity started in 2020, hosted by Shanxi Sports Lottery Management Center. The provincial color staff and betting station agent, the respective private cars form the sports lottery team, providing a pair of transfer services for candidates with traffic difficulties.

This year, the provincial color center is associated with 11 local municipalities in the province, and more than 200 volunteers have organized 200 volunteers to participate in this love. Taking Taiyuan City as an example, the children who have mainly serving the parallel and study in the field.

"These children are usually living school. Their parents are not familiar with the road of Taiyuan City." Helping the volunteer representative Yan Yan Gang said, "We will do a good job for candidates, and wish the children to achieve excellent results, test Enter your own ideal school.

"In addition, the province’s sports colors center has organized a volunteer to complete safety training. All the test vehicles are equipped with mineral water, masks, examination equipment and other items, provide guarantees for candidates and epidemic prevention and control. Over the years, Shanxi Sports Lottery Management Center has launched public welfare activities such as primary and secondary schools, poor students, and help high school students, and help middle college entrance examination, and help young people grow up healthily. (Reporter Yang Hier).

[Health Intelligence Agency] Hoe lang kun je drinken na cerebrale tumorchirurgie?

[Health Intelligence Agency] Hoe lang kun je drinken na cerebrale tumorchirurgie?

Wacht even in de enquête.

Als er al lang geen reactie is, vernieuw deze pagina [Inleiding tot de sectie] "Het onderwerp dat u geeft, antwoord door de gezaghebbende deskundigen van de drie ziekenhuizen" – "Health Intelligence Agency" is een groot merk van de gezondheidswetenschap is uitgesloten door Opgericht in juni 2016, werd de "gezonde China" innovatiekolomprijs toegekend door het National Health Stop Committee verkregen en werd uitgenodigd om lid te worden van het National Health and Separation Committee, "Medical Self Media Alliance ", Beijing Traditionele Chinese geneeskunde Stereo Communicatie Alliance Merk Kolom Wacht.

  [Protectedist] Department of Neurochirurgie, SANBO CORRECH HOSPITAL, CAPITY Medical University, Department of Neurochirurgie, China University of Public Medical Science, Department of Neurochirurgie, China Instituut voor Net Secretary-General, Afdeling Cerebrovasculaire Ziekten, Afdeling Cardiologie, Chinese Medical Association Het ministerie van Neurochirurgie Tak van Qiwu Association of Quality Tumors Chongqing Hospital, Department of Neurochirurgie, Intraculair, Afdeling Neurochirurgie, Cerebrovasculaire Ziekte: Vasculaire brugbehandeling van complexe enorme aneurysma’s, intracraniale bloedvaten om rook en ischemische cerebrovasculaire ziekte te behandelen , Carotid Intimary Peeling Deprotection behandeling van carotid stenose, intracraniale aneurysmaklem, arteriovense misvorming, spons hemangioom resectie, minimaal invasieve boorbehandeling van cerebrale bloeding.

  Tumor van het zenuwstelsel: chirurgie tumor, met name de chirurgie van craniofaryry buis, de synthetische behandeling van glioma, meningioma, anti-boter-tumor tumor, elektrofysiologische monitoring, negatieve neuromische spach-verwijdering, myelo?de ouder-tumor verwijdering, ventriculaire membraanverwijdering, wervelkoord tumor resectie, enz.

  Functionele neurochirurgie: minimaal invasieve micro-bloeddrukbehandeling voor trigeminale zenuwpijn, plasmie, tong, tong, gebrek aan nekchirurgie.

  Onderzoekswerk gepubliceerd 14 artikelen in het kernblad in de eerste auteur, inclusief 1 SCI-magazine. In 2016 passeerde ik het National Medical Comité van de National Health Planning Commission. Voltooi de belangrijkste discipline van het ministerie van Volksgezondheid "Chirurgische behandeling en complicaties van enorme slagaderlijke vervorming".

  Capital Medical University Clinical – Basic Project "De klinische en anatomische studie van Crown Snijden Craniotomie Gezamenlijke kant Kraak in de weg om de enorme craniofaryngeale buis te verwijderen".

  Het dienen van de secretaris voor "Brain Outdoor Science", "Editor van hersentumortemperatuurgids. Dient de beoordeling van Journal of Chinese Brain Diseases and Rehabilitation Journals, "Clinical NeuroSurgery Journal", "Modern Medicine Hygi?ne" en andere tijdschriften.

  Neem deel aan het klinische project "JAW Inner Artery Bridge-behandeling van enorme, serpentry en gigantische aneurysma’s", en won de derde prijs van Huaxia Medical Science Award.

  Klinisch werk 2008 ging naar het Sannebo Correte Hospital of Capital Medical University, trad aan bij Shixiancan Professor Team. Bij de leiding van professor ShiXiang en waren er 150-200 mensen bij pati?nten met een operatie, meestal de zadeloppervlaktumor, cerebrovasculaire ziekte, schedelbasisumoren, glioom, enz. Het team nam de leiding in het gebruik van de kaakbinnenslag als een bloedtoevoerslagader, hoge stroombesturende operatie voor intracraniale aneurysma’s en ischemische cerebrovasculaire aandoeningen, verkregen bevredigende resultaten. Evaluatie "European Neurochirurgie Magazine" is de "effectieve en nuttige intelligentie-innovatiemethode" bij de behandeling van ischemische cerebrovasculaire aandoeningen. In 2014 is een zaak waar de CAROTID-arterybrugbehandeling van complex aneurysma is gemeld aan de beroemde Cerebrovasculaire chirurgie Master Lawton erg hoog, "denkt dat het een goede keuze is om complexe aneurysma’s in de brug te behandelen."

Voor de resectie van de tumor van het zadelgebied kan het totale tarief meer dan 95% bereiken, waarvan het jaarlijkse bedrag van intraoperatieve chirurgie meer dan 110 gevallen is. Het is het grootste team in China en buitenlandse chirurgie, en in 2011 "American Neurochirurgie in 2011 Journal en 2013 Europese "tumor / hematologie-opmerkingen" werden ge?valueerd als het aantal chirurgische voorbeelden, het hoogste totale resectieprijs en het beste effect.

  [Boek: Li Ran / Reporter: Yunxiao / Video: High Mong / Post – Productie: Sun Pengyu] Lees de volledige tekst ().

[Group Party Committee] Tibet’s eerste jonge pionierende schoolpraktijk onderwijs Base onthuld

[Group Party Committee] Tibet’s eerste jonge pionierende schoolpraktijk onderwijs Base onthuld

  Onthullende ceremonie-site.

De respondenten zijn bekend om te begrijpen dat het Tagyo Mechanging Culture Centre, dat in 2017 is opgericht, het eerste kindermodel en de esthetische trainingsinstelling in Tibet is.Het centrum is gebaseerd op de vormcorrectie, modelprestaties en de dagelijkse etiquette van kinderen als het hoofdgerecht-inhoud. Gecombineerd met de praktijk van de praktijk, het modelleren van de modelprestaties als het medium, de gezondheid van het kind en het zelfvertrouwen van het kind vormen , expressiviteit.

  "Raakte officieel een baanbrekend team van de koloniale praktijkonderwijsbasis, wat een trots is op ons en een kracht.

Vanaf nu zullen we het esthetische onderwijs combineren in de oefeneducatie van de jonge pioniers, met het esthetische onderwijs als het medium, bieden ervaring in de kleuren van het college-team en stel de benchmark in om meer jongeren ten goede te komen."De oprichter van Tagyo Mercure Trainingscentrum, Lazana, zei.

[Health Intelligence Agency] Hoe de pijn van artritis te verlichten

[Health Intelligence Agency] Hoe de pijn van artritis te verlichten

  [Inleiding tot de kolom] "Het onderwerp dat u geeft, om de autoriteitendexpert van de drie ziekenhuizen te beantwoorden" – "Health Intelligence Agency" is een groot merk voor de gezondheidswetenschap, dat is uitgezonden door, opgericht in juni 2016, heeft de Land De gezondheidsstatiff krijgt de "gezonde China" innovatiekolomprijs en werd uitgenodigd om lid te worden van het National Health and Separation Committee, "China Medical Self-media Alliance", Peking Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde Stereo Communicatie Alliance Merk kolom.

  [Cothe Guest] Liu Liang, de plaatsvervangend directeur van de gezamenlijke chirurgie en sport Medical Department of Beijing, Capital Medical University; Docent. De gezamenlijke chirurgie Major van Peking Yuche Hospital aangesloten bij de Medical University Capital Medical is een van de enige negentien mensen in Beijing om gewrichtsbehandeling uit te voeren. Op dit moment zijn er meer dan 300 jaarlijkse chirurgie voor een grootschalige heupgewrichtsvervanging en hebben een rijke ervaring op verschillende gebieden van schoudervervanging, knie- en heupvernieuwing, prothetische omliggende fracturen, ellebooggewrichtsvervanging, etc. hebben een rijke ervaring opgebouwd.

Joodse-operatie wordt voor het eerst uitgevoerd in het land en het is een van de autoriteiten op dit gebied in dit gebied. [Onze Reporter: Li Ran Camera: Sun Pengyu] [Editor: Li Ran].

Taizhou Road Bridge: "Double Reduction" to release students happy sense

Taizhou Road Bridge: "Double Reduction" to release students happy sense

  In 2011, the first in Taizhou City exploration pilot with "four o’clock schools" as the main form of primary school class, and then started at the beginning of this fall, 41 primary and secondary schools realize full coverage, full implementation of flexibility 5 + 2 "Managed Service Model … Currently, Taizhou Luqiao District focuses on improving the quality of education, improve operation management, improve the post-class service level, and give full play to the main position of the school education, standardize the training behavior of the school, and continue to promote" double min " Work, build good educational ecology. Focusing in classroom high-efficiency roseday, the second-year language group of Road North Primary School and Hua Yan School was discussed in the "screen panel" method. Under everyone’s group, the difficult point encountered during the preparation process was quickly solved. Road and North Elementary School through the design point, timed, set group, to include the teacher’s collective preparation into the school’s daily management, give full play to the collective wisdom of teachers, realize resource sharing, improve teaching and research and preparation efficiency, and promote the comprehensive improvement of teaching quality.

  "Previously a text is designed from the design to courseware, it takes two hours.

"Teacher 雪芬 said," Now through collective preparation, everyone can explore each other, not only improve the efficiency of preparation, but also lay a solid foundation for classroom teaching. "Focusing in the classroom implementation" double reduction ", road bridge area standardized teaching management, optimization teaching method, play teaching and research support, with" Internet + "empowering education teaching, so that classroom teaching is improved in change. Luqiao District Education Bureau Party Committee Lin Wenmao said: "We demand that the teacher should teach and improve the quality of the job in the classroom. After the class, you have no written homework after the class, and the primary school students do not take the homework to home.

"The operation management reduction increases every classroom in Nanguchi Primary School, has a striking" learning task public notice bar ". Before the lunch break, the basic written homework of each discipline will be announced above.

  While reducing the written operation, the Nangui Primary School Design "Project Development" homework, all grades borrow a variety of formal evaluation activities, and introduce "alarm clock" in accordance with the working schedule, students who carefully completed the operation on time. Reward points, cultivate students’ good learning habits.

  Li Yong, the president of Nanguan Primary, said: "The" project type operation management "has basically realized the ‘three minus’ of students, parents and teachers.

Students have significantly improved significantly, and the parent-child relationship is effectively improved, and teachers can also put more energy into student counseling and class management. "Not only is the Nanjuan Primary School, Luqiao District Combined with the family education" Cloud Classroom "series, encourages all schools to explore the diversified course management model, and implement the publication system in the operation. The road and bridge area also diverted 8 people in Zhejiang people’s mediation data platforms. Source system, in "Zhejiang Office" App Scene, "Family Education Online" application scenario, effectively cracking good family education concept, family education evaluation feedback mechanism is not smooth, service requirements precise matching difficulties. Currently, have been uploaded 54 courses.

  "The road bridge has a long saying that the ridge is known, the flame-shaped glyph has the meaning of praying the red fire …" Into the road and bridge experimental elementary school, "ash car" classroom, more than a dozen students are gratifying to listen to the instructor Pan Minyan In her pair of hands, the "gray carving" shape in her hands is gradually moving … As early as 2008, the experimental elementary school opened the "gray carving" course, and recently inherited the "gray carving" I got the third batch of Chinese primary and secondary school outstanding cultural inheritance schools.

  In addition to opening "ash" courses, experimental primary school also specializes in 11 extracurricular expansion services such as basketball, drama, recitation, and promotes the comprehensive growth of students.

  Lin Yu Chen said: "The homework is completed under the guidance of the school teacher, do not carry a book to go home, and have more time to cultivate interest hobbies, it feels very happy.

"Luqiao District adheres to the combination of independent courses and personality courses, explores" 1 + X "managed service model, promoting all schools to establish a personalized" course supermarket ", opening a variety of social activities, for students according to their own interests, cross-year cross-year cross-year Class class selection. As of now, there are more than 240 fun courses. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Unite Taiwan compatriots, create a national revival

Unite Taiwan compatriots, create a national revival

  Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since the modern Chinese, is a historical mission of the Chinese Communist Party. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech that solving the Taiwan problem and realizing the complete unity of the motherland. It is a historical task of the Chinese Communist Party. It is the common desire of all Chinese children.

Authoritative experts said that he looks back in the past 100 years, Taiwan has always been fate with the motherland and realizes the complete unity of the motherland and the great revival of the Chinese nation, and is inseparable from the understanding of Taiwan compatriots, support and participation. The national unity is the inevitable requirement of the nation of the new era. "The production and evolution of Taiwan issues is related to the Chinese national fate." Zhang Haipeng, a member of Taiwan’s history, the community of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that after the 1840 population war, Western powers invaded, China In the abroad, the misery of the mountain river crushing, Taiwan was more than half a century by Japan. "Looking back in the history, due to the weak national strength, Taiwan is invaded by foreign countries, not only bringing pain to Taiwan compatriots, but also a very painful page in the history of the Chinese nation." Li Peng, Dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University. In 1945, the people of the Chinese people have achieved the great victory of the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese war and world anti-fascist war, and the Taiwan’s light recovered and returned to the motherland. Taiwan’s Light Recovery is the result of the struggle of Chinese people.

Shortly, due to the continuation of China’s civil war and the intervention of external forces, the strait two sides were in a special state of long-term political opposition. Taiwan issues will be ended due to the wakes disorders of the nation.

Li Peng said that after more than 100 years, after more than 100 years, after 1949, after 1949, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese nation of the Temple has ushered in from standing up, and the great leap to riches up. "Standing on the historical intersection of the" two hundred years "struggle, we should clearly recognize that the national unity is the inevitable requirement of the new era national revival, solving the Taiwan problem, and realizes the reunification of the motherland is the great revival of the Chinese nation. The righteousness in the question.

Zhang Haipeng said. Realizing the complete unity of the motherland is a historical mission of the Communist Party of China. Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has always resolved the Taiwan issue and realizes the historical task of the motherland as a strong historical task. During different historical times, the Chinese Communist Party persisted Emancipating the idea, seeking truth from facts, in line with the trend and historical generals of the times, constantly developing national unified theories and practices. Li Peng analyzed that our party has proposed to liberate Taiwan, peacefully resolve Taiwan issues and the scientific concept of "one country, two systems", established The basic principles of "peaceful unity, one country, two systems", proposed to develop the two-strait relationship, and promote the eight propositions of the motherland’s peaceful reunification, and the important thinking of the two-strait relations, the development of the "one country, two systems" and promote the unified fundamental part of the motherland. Party’s 18 Since the big secretary, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposes a series of rich and deep and deep important concepts, policy policies to form an important discussion on the work of work, especially on January 2, 2019, published 40th Anniversary Conference of Taiwan Compatriots The important speech is fully elaborated on the new era, and the major policy proposition of the peaceful reunification of the motherland in achieving the great revival journey of the Chinese nation.

  The 19th National Congress of the Party puts "adhere to the" one country, two systems’ and promoted the motherland "as one of the basic stories of socialism with Chinese characteristic socialism as a new era.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee puts the important part of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the Vision Objectives of the 2013 Five-Year Plan. "These advocates reflect the Chinese Communist Party that has always resolved Taiwan issues and has always resolutely safeguard the fundamental interests of the nation and the core interests of the country to ensure the firm principles of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Zhang Haipeng said that in more than 70 years, our party has firmly mastered the leading and initiative of the two-strait relationship in the international and Taihai situation in the Taiwan Sea, and promoting the situation of the Taiwan Sea from tension to the improvement, and then goes on the road of peace, cross-strait relations Constantly achievement. Continue to advance the peaceful development of the cross-strait relations, realize the unified historical wheel rolling forward, unified and great trend. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the important speech at the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, to adhere to a Chinese principle and "Nine-two consensus", promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland. All Chinese children, including cross-strait compatriots, to work in peace, unity, resolutely smash any "Taiwan independence" map, create a beautiful future. Anyone should underestimize China The people defend the strong determination of national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, powerful.

  "’Peaceful Unity, a country, two systems, is the best way to achieve national unity, and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and the integration development is the only way to lead to peaceful reunification.

"Li Peng said that the mainland is willing to create a broad space for peaceful universities. As long as there is a peaceful solution to the possibility of peace, it will continue to work hard." China sovereign and territorial never segmented, the facts of the mainland and Taiwan have never changed .

"Zhang Haipeng said that a Chinese principle is the basis, premise and guarantee of cross-strait peace and unity.

"Taiwan independence" is a historical countercurrent, a road. Any legal foundation for challenges a Chinese principle is to destroy the "Taiwan independence" splitting path of the two sides of the same China. They will only bring crisis and disasters to cross-strait relations. He emphasizes that unifying the bilateral compatriots and all nations are most beneficial in peaceful, without commitment to abandoning the use of force, reserves the option to take all necessary measures, targeting external forces and a very small number of "Taiwan independence" split molecules and split activities Never for Taiwan compatriots. China Dream, Unity, Taiwan compatriots, China, the great revival of the Chinese nation, "Realizing the complete unity of the motherland, inseparable from the understanding of Taiwan compatriots; to support the great revival of the Chinese nation, the understanding of Taiwan compatriots, support and participation.

"Zhang Haipeng said, from the perspective of history, Taiwan has always been in the country’s destiny, support and pursuit of national unity. In recent years, the mainland has implemented the people-oriented concept, and the mainland development opportunities will be shared with Taiwan compatriots. Taiwan companies provide the same treatment. "The facts prove that the landing implementation of the" 31 ”26′ ’11’ ‘Agriculture and Forestry "and other Hui Limin policy measures, let Taiwan compatriots have more feelings, thus Willing, more confident, more way to invest in the development of two sides of peace development, integration development.

"Li Peng said that there is a strong motherland to rely on, and the people’s livelihood well-being of Taiwan compatriots will be better, and the development space will be larger.

  "The country is strong, the national revival, the unified historical generals of the cross-strait, anything else will not block anyone.

"Li Peng said that our own development, especially for more than 40 years, the great achievements of reform and opening up and modernization, which determines the basic pattern and development direction of the cross-strait relations. It is the strong foundation and reliable guarantee of the ancestor of the ancestral country. Motherland It is necessary to unify, and it is also necessary to unify. "I believe that there will be more and more Taiwan compatriots to participate actively in the just cause of promoting peaceful unity of the motherland.

Zhang Haipeng said that in the process of the Chinese nation to the great revival, Taiwan compatriots will not be absent.

Cross-strait compatriots will work together, share the Chinese dream, share the responsibility of national rejuvenation, share the glory of national rejuvenation! (Editor: Liu Jie, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.

Verrijking van de vorm van menselijke politieke beschaving – aanzienlijke voordelen van de democratie van de mensen 4

Verrijking van de vorm van menselijke politieke beschaving – aanzienlijke voordelen van de democratie van de mensen 4

Kerntip: 5 februari middag, Beijing, de grote zaal van de mensen.

Voorzitter Xi Jinping wees erop dat gutres, de secretaresse Generalse Gurtres van de Verenigde Naties, die elkaar ontmoetten uit Beijing 2022 Winter Olympische Spelen, wezen erop dat er in de toekomst drie grote evenementen ter wereld zijn.

"Een van de dingen is" Democratie dragen ". De wereld is niet gepland voor een model van een systeem, en er is geen ontwikkelingsmodel van vier zee?n. Landen hebben het recht om de weg te kiezen die voldoet aan de nationale omstandigheden en de behoeften van mensen. "De discussie over de Holi, de bespreking van hoogbouw," Democratic, de wereld is een kleurrijke "Chinese democratische concept. Op 5 februari, de Grote Hall of Beijing, voldoet de voorzitter van Xi Jinping om bij de winter bij te wonen Olympische Spelen, de secretaris-generaal van de Olympische Winterspelen wees erop dat er vandaag drie grote evenementen in de wereld waren, en een van de dingen is om democratie door te brengen.

De wereld is niet gepland om een ??model van een model te hebben, en er is geen ontwikkelingsmodel dat niet is geplaatst.

Landen hebben het recht om de weg te kiezen die voldoet aan de nationale omstandigheden en de behoeften van mensen.

Het geven van een stem, het aanbieden van hoogbouwconstructie, verklaart schittering dat democratie divers is, de wereld is een kleurrijk Chinees democratisch concept.

Niet-invasuring, moet van eigenlijk zijn. Democratie is geschiedenis, specifieke, ontwikkeling, historische en culturele geschiedenis, verschillende nationale omstandigheden en democratische vormen zullen onvermijdelijk anders zijn. Er is geen precies hetzelfde politieke systeem ter wereld en er is geen politiek institutioneel model toegepast op alle landen.

De reden waarom menselijke politieke beschaving prachtig is, het is vanwege verschillende beschavingen. Houd zich aan het beginsel van gelijkheid en non-discriminatie, respecteer het democratische model van elkaar, dat zich inzet voor de verkenning van het land, en het versterken van uitwisselingen en wederzijdse gesprekken; zowel mooi, mooi en mooi, kunnen gezamenlijk de ontwikkeling van de menselijke beschaving vooruitbevelen. Kies voor het grote land van China wat voor soort democratisch ontwikkelingspad van cruciaal belang is. De democratie van China heeft de harde geschiedenis van keuze, exploratie, praktijk en ontwikkeling ervaren. In dit proces realiseren de Chinezen zich diep dat de democratische teelt van landen groeit in hun eigen historische en culturele tradities, die groeit op de praktijk van de volk Oefen- en wijsheidscreatie. Verschillende democratische wegen, democratische vormen. Daarom is er daarom de ontwikkeling van democratie van China, die aandacht bestond aan het absorberen van alle voordelen van menselijke politieke beschaving, maar kopieer het nationale mastermodel nooit. China is gebaseerd op de nationale omstandigheden van het land, en er is een verschillend Chinees kenmerk, dat ook het gemeenschappelijke streven van de mensheid weerspiegelt; er is zowel de ontwikkeling van China als de heropleving van de Chinese natie, en verrijkte menselijke politieke beschaving.

Het hele proces van de democratie van mensen, het verkennen van nieuwe paden voor menselijke democratische bedrijfsontwikkeling.

Wat is de echte democratie? Wat is de standaard van het beoordelen van de democratie? Voor een lange tijd hebben sommige mensen eenvoudig gelijk aan verkiezingsdemocratie, en zelfs de filmaanbidding. De modernisering van China nam niet de westelijke oude weg, maar cre?erde Chinese stijlmodernisering; nam geen exemplaar van het westerse democratie-model, maar cre?erde de democratie in Chinese stijl. We mobiliseren volledig het twee enthousiasme van verkiezingsdemocratie en onderhandelen over de democratie en toegezegd om democratie te verwerken en resulteren in democratie, procedures democratie en inhoudelijke democratie, directe democratie en indirecte democratische organische organische stoffen.

Meer dan 1,4 miljard Chinese mensen in de wereldbevolking wordt echt gerealiseerd als een meester, genieten van uitgebreide rechten en vrijheid, het vertrouwen in de ontwikkeling van democratie in ontwikkelingslanden te vergroten.

Dit is de belangrijkste bijdrage van China aan de menselijke politieke beschaving, en het is ook een enorme vooruitgang in de menselijke samenleving. Het hele proces van de democratie van mensen en bijdraagt ??de wijsheid en Chinese programma’s van China voor het verrijken en ontwikkelen van menselijke politieke beschavingen.

Wat voor soort institutioneel en governancesysteem kiest een land, wordt bepaald door de historische erfenis, culturele traditie en economische en sociale ontwikkeling van dit land. Na honderd jaar exploratiepraktijk leidt de Chinese communistische partij het Chinese volk om de democratische nieuwe vorm van de nationale omstandigheden van China te vinden. Dit is het hele proces van de democratie van mensen. Hecht aan de democratie van China in overeenstemming met de kenmerken van China, China is praktisch om te ontwerpen en te ontwikkelen, stevig op de weg naar de democratische ontwikkeling in overeenstemming met de nationale omstandigheden, is een basiservaring in de democratische ontwikkeling van China.

De democratische praktijk van China is volledig bewees dat alleen de wortels van het land en de bodem, om overvloedige voedingsstoffen te trekken, perfect kunnen blijven ontwikkelen, de meest betrouwbare en meest bruikbare; de ??democratische praktijk van China onthult de wereld: geschikt is de beste, landen moeten volgens Naar hun eigen kenmerken Democratische vormen in overeenstemming met hun eigen moderne ontwikkeling, leren leren van in plaats van kopi?ren.

Er is een oud gezegde in China, en de wereld is collectief, consistent.

De Chinese mensen zijn vol vertrouwen in hun eigen democratie, en ze respecteren ook de democratie van andere landen.

China probeert het democratisch model van China niet te exporteren, maar bereid om evenveel te communiceren, wederzijdse doorsturen, die de positieve resultaten van het leren van menselijke beschaving zal leren, en ook nuttige referentieverwijzingen naar andere landen leveren. Toekomst, de Chinezen zijn bereid om menselijke politieke beschaving te ontwikkelen met de mensen in alle landen in de wereld.

Bron: Daily’s mensen.