"Empty House Village" changes "industrial village", technology let the Guangxi folks are getting rich

"Empty House Village" changes "industrial village", technology let the Guangxi folks are getting rich

Original title: "Empty House Village" change "industrial village", technology let Guangxi villages do the door to get rich in the Guitu Village of Guangxi Tianzhong, Guangxi, and a bowl, a piece of scoop, a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of a piece of scoop?Three pieces.

  Prior to 2017, the village is a veritable "empty-shell village", but now it has become a "industrial village" in the northwest of Gui.

  "Agricultural experts promote the cultivation of hundreds of row fruit, high yield, high income, more corn, and we are very satisfied." Recently, the village Baisheng Fruit planting households Yang Changqu said happily.

  Lao Yang has a total of 4 people. Under the seedling support and technical guidance of planting experts, 5 m-acres of passion fruit is planted in 2021, and the income reached around 30,000 yuan. In recent years, the Guangxi Science and Technology Department has fully played the technical force involving the agricultural colleges and research institutes. In the event of the cultivation and development of the village, the "Order San Dynamics" high-level fruit and vegetables, and explored the organic transformation of scientific and technological poverty alleviation. Guide the masses in the mountains to achieve increasing income in their entrance. The 12th Party Congress of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held at the end of November, proposed, to actively build a Chinese national community consciousness demonstration zone. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is an undressed province area integrating the nation, mountains and frontiers, and is a multi-ethnic autonomous region.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

  Actively cultivate innovative entities to support the high-quality development of national industries and abandoned technology companies founded in Shenzhen. Huang Liangqiang returned to the hometown of Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, the establishment of Yao Yao Yao Autonomous County, the production of Yao bath, Yao medicine industry.

  "We want to carry forward Chinese medicine culture and promote the development of Chinese medicine and industry in Guangxi.

Huang Liangqiang said.

  In recent years, under the support of the scientific and technological departments, Huang Liangqiang established by the company fully utilizes Jin Xiu’s rich Yao medicine wild special resources and the unique Yao Medical Hospital, enterprise, research institute and other locations, technical advantages, collaborative universities, explore and establish and establish The company-based research "five-in one" collaborative innovation cooperation model is based on the company.

  More than 3 years, Huang Liangqiang’s company has 16 national invention patents, more than 100 countries registered to protect trademarks. In 2020, corporate research and development funds accounted for 4% of its total share. "Enterprise is the main body of technology innovation, and it is also an important kinetic energy for the economic development of ethnic areas." The relevant person in charge of the Guangxi Science and Technology Department said that in recent years, Guangxi has cultivated, developed and strengthens high-tech enterprises as a "cattle nose" of science and technology innovation work, actively promoted Establish a technological innovation system based on enterprises, and create a "scientific SME – High-tech Enterprise – Yacena Enterprise" to innovate the innovation of growth chain, promoting the number of high-tech enterprises, and quality double enhancement.

  At the end of 2020, Guangxi’s high-tech enterprises have reached more than 2,800, and it is the time in early 2015.

In 2020, Guangxi High-tech Enterprises realized the total operating income billion, year-on-year growth.

  Today, high-tech enterprises have become the main force to promote the high-quality development of Guangxi Province, support Guangxi to promote the new road in promoting high quality development in frontier nation.

  Playing an agricultural science park role to lead the agriculture of the ethnic regions to continue to develop their homes, the Huangfu, the Zhuang people in Baise Town, Baise City, planting more than 1,000 mango, the main varieties are the No. 1 Mang, which is the lack of scientific cultivation. Management technology, mango planting benefits are not high. The entrance village of the Science and Technology Service of Baise National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, let Huang Fa have learned the key cultivation techniques of mango and pest control technology, and the production of orchard has improved significantly. "Now the output of the orchard is almost doubled, and the income is also greatly improved." Huang Fei said. There is still a lot of ethnic masses who rely on science and technology like Huang Fa.

Based on Baise, Baise National Agricultural Science and Technology Park actively constructs the five-level rural science and technology information dissemination and training network system, the city, counties, townships, villages, and (accounts) ", establishing a scientific and technological specialist pilot and" farm class "to help plant Households to solve production technology problems and introduce new varieties, new technologies, and radiation boost local ethnic masses.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangxi Science and Technology Department, Guangxi fully exerts the scientific and technological leadership of the agricultural science and technology park, resource agglomeration, technical integration, entrepreneurial services and demonstration drive, promoting the modernization of agricultural rural areas in ethnic areas. As of the end of 2020, Guangxi achieved 50% of the city approved or built a national-level agricultural science park. The national agricultural science and technology parks in the district reached 7, and 10 home areas such as Hong Kong and South Agricultural Science and Technology Park, leading the nation. Regional agriculture sustainable development. Focus on promoting scientific and technological to help national regions to revitalize the countryside.

  They in 2012, a bold attempt, let the small kiwi from 20 households in the cooperative, develop the preferred industries of Long Sheng Rural Revitalization.

  At present, the area planting kiwifruit in the county has reached 3,500 mu, and the new annual output value is 45 million yuan. In recent years, Guilin City has passed the "Dragon-winning Cultivation Techniques and Promotion Techniques and Promotion", "Long Sheng Gao Hanshan District Sweet Potato Production – Processing – Sales Industry Chain Construction and Science and Technology Demonstration" and other scientific and technological projects Economic vitality in ethnic areas leads high quality development in ethnic regions. Since 2012, Guangxi has the overall goal of "Poverty Alleviation and Technology, Science and Technology Promotion", with the "Becum, Construction Team, Sending Technology" as the total idea, and highlights the main industries of the poor, poor village, mainly The field, major enterprises, major base parks, etc. are focus on solving scientific and technological issues and cracking technology services as the core.

  Under the support of science and technology, a rural revitalized beautiful picture is launched on the Bagui Di’an. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Xiong Xu) Sharing let more people see.

Which of the 10 secrets of the Italians do Tiramisu is true?

Which of the 10 secrets of the Italians do Tiramisu is true?

When it comes to Tiramisu, many people will know what it means to take me by Italian.

And when it comes to Italy, many people think of its most famous dessert Tiramisu. There are various formulas and tutorials of Tiramisu on the Internet, which have different tastes.

The authentic Tiramisu approach searched a lot of it. Ghost knows which one is true, which is false! Then let’s take a look at the 10 secrets of the Italians to do Tiramisu. ,也是一股浓浓的意大利味儿~意大利人嗦:Iltiramisù,veloce,facileedeconomicodapreparare,deltiramisùesistononumerosevarianti,malaricettaclassica-lacuipaternitàècontesafraFriuliVeneziaGiulia,VenetoeToscana-prevedeuova,mascarpone,zucchero,caffè,eccoledieciregolechenonpotetenonconoscere.奶酪提拉米苏简单易做、经济实惠And make people feel happy, and its version is tens of thousands, but considering that eggs, Mascarpone (one of Lunba Real Estate), sugar, and biscuits, Tiramisu’s originator must be in Frehery-Venice Julie Asia, Veneto and Toscana are produced.

In order to make perfect Tiramisu, the following 10 rules you have to remember.

In order to make a delicious Tiramisu, the eggs must be used at room temperature. If the eggs are dirty, do not rinse under the underwater, and carefully scrub them with cloth or paper.

Try to choose fresh organic eggs.



Cheese, Pannoso, IlrisultatoècertameNTEBUONO, MADECISAMENTEDODODAUNVERETIAMISù. Cheese also requires room temperature. You choose fresh, creamy, soft and delicate cheese, avoid particularly sweet or sour cheese. Use a spoon to soften it, and add the egg yolk that previously let go of sugar.

Some people may replace Mascarpone cheese with fresh cheese (Ricotta), which is also delicious but different from the real Tiramisu.


When they are completely foamy, they add egg yolk and cheese, and add it from bottom to top to avoid egg white.

Cream Alpostodellallallallamontatoaneve, èunerroreeilrisultatoTimo, MaildolcerisulteràMenodeCisamenTeppiùgrasso. Some people use cream to replace the foamy egg whites.饼干èchidicecheiltiramisùvadapreparatoconipavesiniechi,invece,sostienechedebbanoessereutilizzatiassolutamenteisavoiardi,àòcheisecondi,essendopiùgrandi,assorbonomenoilcaffèmantèpoianchechiutilizzaikrumiri,deibiscottipiemontes,ricordatevidibagnarnedueterziconilcaffèeunterzocondelvermouthounaltrovinoliquorosoavostrogusto.关于饼干众说纷纭。 Some people say that Tiramisu should use Pavesino’s biscuits, and some people think that in order to maintain the original formula, they must use Savoiaardi biscuits.

In fact, both of them are fine, but you need to know the second one, because less coffee absorbing coffee will keep it tight and strong. Some people also use a biscuits Krumiri from Pedmont, which make this dessert is more crispy. If you decide to use the last one, remember to dip it in coffee in two -thirds, and one third can be dipped in Vermouth or the wine selected according to your taste. è咖啡Ilcaffèèuningredientefondamentalediquestodolcealcucchiaio,quindiutilizzatelodiottimaqualità.Nonzuccherateloesoltantoquandosisaràfreddatobagnateciibiscottivelocemente,ècondelrumodellavaniglia.咖啡是这道甜品必不可少的配料,所以你们要选用上等咖啡。 Do not put sugar in the coffee, but it is used to dip the biscuits quickly when it becomes cold. You should pay attention to avoid making the biscuits soft. If you are willing, you can also use rum or vanilla to enrich the taste of coffee. Cocoa only sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder on its surface before tasting it.

You have to use the bitterness of cocoa just right. Temperature service, dopoaverlofattoriposareinfrigoalMenoqualcheora. Let it lie in the refrigerator for at least a few hours before taking it out to taste the cold Tiramisu. (This is the correct way to open Tiramisu ~) Tags:.