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Jiangjin District "Five Members of Treatment" is aimed at the masses "urgent expensive"

    浒溪苑小区居民在由废弃工地改造成的足球场上运动。 记者张莎摄\视觉重庆  11月16日,家住江津区圣泉街道浒溪苑小区13栋的百岁老人邱昌荣照例拄着拐杖来到楼栋入户大厅,惬意地坐在沙发上与邻居拉家常。 大厅空间不大,但收拾得干干净净,墙上还贴着暖心标语和这栋楼的文明家庭照片,十分温馨。   “原来这里脏得很,哪怕夏天出大太阳,我们都宁可在外面坐。

Now sitting in the wind gate, comfortable! "Qiu Changrong is hard, the mind, the mind, said changes in the household hall, and thumbs up from time to time.

The residents said that after the "gorgeous transformation" of the household hall, it is inseparable from the "five members of" five people. " The 30 entrance hall "gorgeous transformation" Yuxiyuan Community is the largest agricultural and non-resettlement homes in Jiangjin District, and the residents have thousands of people. In order to strengthen the grassroots governance, the "Five Members" (ie the party group leader, the resident group leader, the tenant, the landlord, " Thousands of people have changed from "villagers", "the past life habits are difficult to change.

The four residents of the group told reporters that after a few years, after a few years, the walls of the house hall were footprints, ball printing, small advertisements, not only spoiled, residents also loved in the lobby and pile of rumored farms, construction garbage. Long-term, although some people have regular cleaning, there is always a situation in dirty. After the "five members" collected the opinions of the masses, this general problem was reflected in the community and street.

The Spring Street decided to make unified buildings in the 30 buildings. Top 10 Party Group, Zeng Fous, is very unforgettable for participating in the renovation of the household hall: "This transformation is funded by street, but some old residents think that they will move their overhaul funds.

"In March this year, the community was renovated to the household hall, and the vast majority of resident opinions, finalized the renovation plan, and then took place.

In a few months, the 30 entrance halls of more than 1 million yuan in the Shengquan street have been unveiled, from the overall appearance to the cultural atmosphere, from the "red station" to the seat with the soft pad … Invous "Dirty mess" became a "living room" that everyone love.

  Not long before the abandoned site, the five-person football field in the Huxiyuan Community passed the acceptance, and the residents were bright: the ground shopped on granite, and the green land vegetation replaced the rotten mud pit. The football court came to laugh.

"In the past, it was an abandoned construction site, the environment dirty, mosquito, everyone went around. It is the suggestion that I have proposed to ‘five members’ and hope to have some sports space.

"Resident Week should be said.

  The five-person football field transformation involves the aspects, "Five Members" incorporate this matter into Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class, and reports to the integrated information platform of social governance. The platform is accurately sent to the street business unit, "five" organization departments, communities, properties, industry committees, and mass representatives agree, running legs, coordination, help, and 3 working days to make a transformation process.

  "Five people governance"阿拉爱上海同城验证 solve the grassroots governance "hollow" Shengquan street is the most "young" street in Jiangjin. "The city and rural interlocking in the holy spring jurisdiction, the new city and the old street, the establishment of the land acquisition, urban management, social security and other contradictions, the people’s complications are more diverse, and nearly 20 streets and village cadres will be remembered daily. The foot is not in touch, the masses are not satisfied.

"Wang Zhimi, secretary of the Shengquan Street Party Work Committee, in order to solve the" hollow "problem of grassroots governance, since 2019, the streets are based on party construction as leading, integrating resources and explore the" five people to rule "grassroots governance new road, answer" Who 青浦盈港缘全套 is doing , What, how to do ", etc.", "five" "integrate the party group, resident group, community grid, owner committee, property enterprises, etc. The first thing to wait for more than 300 "Five Members", the first thing to go deep into the community building, the field of the field of the field, understand the people "urgent expensive", and implement the issues of the masses. Depending on the extent to which the matter is difficult, it is divided into ABCD4 levels: daily issues instant office, complex problem limited time, difficult problem centralized office, major problem consultation, "five people have gone", have taken more than 400 people reflected in the people, Eliminate more than 160 security hazards, resolve contradictions and disputes more than 180, helping the community more than 3,000 people re-employment, more than 20 people started, and the problem is 100%, the masses are 98%.


Jiaxing Puyuan adheres to the party building leaders, demonstrations to promote the overall land comprehensive remediation and ecological repair project

  The whole country land comprehensive remediation and ecological restoration project is an important way to promote rural residence and help common prosperity. In order to accelerate urban and rural coordinating development, the goal of common prosperity is moving forward. In recent years, Jiaxing Xiyuan Town adheres to the party building leadership, and vigorously implement the general land comprehensive rectification and ecological restoration project, thinks that the people’s sentiment and pragmatism will be further built for rural residents. Beautiful happy new home.

  It is understood that the total area of ??land comprehensive remediation and ecological repair project in Xinhe Village, Xieyuan Town is 21,656 mu, total investment billion yuan, the project has achieved remarkable, in Zhejiang 2020 rural land comprehensive remediation and ecological repair provincial boutique project The middle is first.

Behind this bright grade, it is inseparable from the "Party Building Red" to lead the project with "party building red" to practice the new development concept with "Ecological Green", and the "Golden" is highlighting this "three wipes" Brightness.

  On the basis of the high-rise requirements, the construction of land, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture, construction and other party members have formed a red special assault team, providing technical support for the high quality implementation of the project. . At the same time, actively play the role of party members, township, three small groups, and do their best to do the ideological work in the way "three governance integration", hired influential townships to form "Township Agendals", do 上海1314龙凤论坛 a good job The employee launched a publicity, fully obtain the support of the masses, and strive to ensure the peace and stability of society.

  "The high-efficiency water-saving irrigation system is used in the rectification area, and the water conservation rate is increased by 20%, which reduces the land occupancy of Mingqus and the segmentation of farmland.

The main havo is all ecological channels, and the tangible channel of the rule can be set up the ‘wildlife barrier-free channel’, which has achieved both farmland tail soiled, and effectively promotes biodiversity protection. According to the relevant person in charge of the Tuyuan Town, in the land remediation, the Tuyuan also saved the big tree ancient tree resources as a protective object, using the native tree species to repair the farmland 上海干磨网 network, and proposed "There is a new increase in land remediation. Cultivated land, also produces new forestry "concept. During the rectification process, the Pyanarium will play the" land system "to be exhausted.

The land close to the wool market is used in the new village agglomeration, allowing the farmers to share the bonus of the housing rental market, which greatly improved the enthusiasm of the relocation of farmers in the project area, moving into the 335 households of new home, more than 40 million yuan, account average year The income has increased by more than 1 million yuan to effectively promote the common prosperity of the people in the rectification area. Some of the residual indicators of the project are prioritized for the village-level economic growth projects and people’s livelihood projects. Data show that as Xinhe Village integrated service houses have been completed, the collective economic income of Xinhe Village has increased from 2.9 million yuan to 5.7 million yuan.

After the implementation of the project, the new cultivated land occupied 211 mu of complementary balance indicators, and the land indicators that can be used in the industrial development of 123 mu, and the new motivation is injected into the development of the fashion industry. Next, the Tuyuan Town will insist on inserting the party flag in the field, further playing the leading and security effect of party building on major projects, with greater confidence, greater determination, and greater strength to promote the national pilot project – The construction of the city’s land comprehensive remediation and ecological restoration project has made greater contributions to the co-prosperity of Zhejiang high quality development.

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Jiangsu: Party history learning and innovation expressing the settlement national group star shine

Original title: Respect the hero, the hero is the most shining coordinate of the nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that in my country’s socialist revolution, construction, reform, a generation of struggles, hard work, unremitting struggle, emerged in the hero model of countless sense of life. They use wisdom and sweat, even blood and life, and write a magnificent chapter in the national prosperity, national revitalization, and the people’s happiness. On this hot soil in Jiangsu, in various historical development stages, the syllabus of hero models never absent.

How to polish your own name, let their advanced deeds are jealous? A series of innovative expressions of a series of party history, fixed the sparkling of national groups.

"Day" – Hero Story Cloud Caused "Reading for China’s Rise!" The young people who appeared Zhou En came to the ear. How do you have a story of a boy, incentive today’s teenage? The animated film "Daxie-Zhou Enlai Childhood Students" is online after the Huai’an City, the Shanghai Art Movie Production Factory and other units. Zhou Enlai is a well-known milk name "big", and the parents are hovering for him, and the high-level expectations are high. In 17 minutes, the conversion of Huai’an seasons will be presented, and the little audience seems to be in the end of the century, and it is growing with Children Zhou Enlai.

Zhou Enlai’s glorious name walked into the deep depths of the young people, inspiring them to feel the party, listening to party words, and striving to the party, striving for the qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics.

On April 19th, the 4th episode of "Changzhou Sanjie" landed in the CCTV "National Memory" section of the CCTV "National Memory" column by the Changzhou Municipal Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Guangli Tour, Changzhou Sanjie. A episode of "Zhang Taili", from the introduction Zhang Taili is the first messenger of the Chinese Communist Party to send "a big" to the Communist International; "Zi Dynasty", the focus of the focus on him to establish a mutual safety society, lead everyone to use actual Action to save the country’s practice; "Qu Qiubai" opened the story of only 21-year-old Qu Qiubai went to Su Ruo, for the story of "a bright road" and the story of the top and down … a large number of precious historical images, cultural relics, files, and real scenes, Animation design, organic integration of characters, leading the audience into the depths of history.

The "National Sanjie Memorial" of Changzhou Zhonglou District Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau, and the "National Ashui" film and television short dram also praised. "Learn the autumn and white reading, learn the autumn and white, learn the autumn and white"! "After the short dram is on the line, Incert the" Youth China ".

"The nine sets of trimming ships seem to be ordinary, but the historical testimony of the prenatal, military and civilian unity.

These are During the Battle of Fujiang, the shipper section Xiang Fu is a ‘elderly count, who has completed the Liberation Army, and completes the battle task’ … "From the inconspicuous cultural relics opened a magnificent historical event, Nanjing Museum Tire Museum Harbor Chang Wu Xiaobao candidate "revolutionary cultural relics hundred good story people" entry video, online broadcasting 20,000 + click quantity.

The population and the public build online social education courses, launched the "Flower Treasure" series, "Yuhuki Mask", "Children’s Sound", series of cloud courses; "Yuhua Yun Classroom" is "well-known "

"Art" – retain memory retention history publishing autobiography and documentary novels, organizing diary, creating drama … Taking history in the form of literary literary literary literary places, it is also an important form of the hero model advanced deeds. Qian Shuoxi, Code "Lin Mountain", in 1946, he was admitted to the Kuomintang Xuzhou Yizhen Public Office in 1946 to become an undercover, transfer the military service of Huaihai to China Headquarters. So far, a granted by the Central Military Commission, written in the 10-yuan face value of the Golden Voucher, still treasured in the Huaihai Battle Memorial Hall.

With the proposal and support of Zhang Xinke, Secretary of the Provincial Social Sciences Party Group, Executive Vice President Zhang Xinke, Qian Tree Rocks Automatic "Snow Damset" was published by Xuzhou Engineering College, and this latent career deep into the tiger points is stored in the form of text. This cloud of clouds, the story of the parties, via the narrative of the parties, and bring the huge soul of the reader. In 1965, Wang Jie Wang Jie, who was taught in Zhanglou Township, Zhangzhou, Zhanglou Township, and the explosive package accidentally sacrificed 上海乐东品茶微信 12 militia for covering the scene. As witnesses and survivors, Li Yanqing, the landlore shift, wrote the minds of learning Wang Jie’s spirit into a diary. "Construction in Yimeng Mountain, he (Wang Jie), a large hammer, three hundred, creating a whole camp; sacrifice the night, did not work, even the axis … Thinking of these, I am determined to promote Wang Jie The spirit into the heart, melting in the blood … "Open this simple diary, people not only read Wang Jie’s generous selflessness, and I also showed a martyrs footprint in front of him, squatting" Wang Jie’s gun " The contemporary warrior Li Yanqing.

Lixiang Village, Dushui District, Nanjing, the anti-Japanese period of the Communist Party of China, the resident of the Susun District Committee, the Jiangnan Administrative Office leadership and the New Fourth Army Sixteen Tourism, known as 上海按摩水磨 "Southern San Yan’an".

At present, the large-scale epic drama "Red Li Lane" is in full swing. According to the Propaganda Department of the Shui Water District Committee, the "Red Li Lane" plans to perform in May this year, and later relying on the scenic spot into a micro-party class in the late stage, it is good to talk about the story of red Li Lane in the form of a normalized performance. Entering "Land" – Innovation Assessment Lands Field March 18, Yang Gen Si’s 18th Lianchang Weng Hailin went into the Jiangsu Armed Police Corps preaching.

As a direct solution to the spirit of the super-competition hero, Weng Hailin’s story is especially a stunning: "July 30, 2017, in Zhu Ri and training base, General Secretary Xi mentioned that the people’s army was issued when he faced strong enemies. ‘Don’t believe that 上海龙风419体验专区 there is a task, I don’t believe that there is a difficulty of overcoming, I don’t believe that there is a hero declaration of the enemy who can’t win. This’ three don’t believe’, that is, the comrades are discovered from his notebook after Yang Gongsi. …… I want to start, Yang Genzi shouted with Chairman Mao, pulling the fire, rushing to the enemy! "This is full of affectionate preaching, let the armed police officers under the stage undulations. British model advanced deeds, how to enter the ear into the heart? Party history education bases from all over the local parties have given out the number of people. On April 22, Lianyungang "100-year-old Party Shi Yunxin" red cultural season 100 tour activities entered the Nanjing Information Vocational and Technical College, "Dao Wang’s wealth" showing the priest of Lianyungang Revolutionary Memorial Hall, which makes young students impressed . "Lao Wang" – Wang Ji, who is the original director of the Mingyama sentry, his "wealth"? I saw the lecturer taking out a few collections: "This five-star red flag is fluttering over the island of Jihaoyama, which once lit countless long night, this radio connects with the outside world … These are the wealth of the old king! "There is a warm applause in the audience. "Write the papers in the land", the national decentralization of the poverty is Zhao Yaf, and he also sent his story to the field. On April 19, Zhao Yafu was invited to enter the Sopu Group and as a "a lifetime for farmers". In the junior period, Changzhou Dang Qiu is a model; in 1958, he entered the Yixing Agriculture and Forestry College. After he felt the poor peasants, he was determined to give a lifetime to farmers; after the reform and opening up, it was sent to Japan to learn rice planting technology, and brought back 13 times when returned to China Carton agricultural books and technical materials … These vivid details from Zhao Yafu, to restore an 80-year-old scientist to dedicate the intensive agriculture. Erooys with the designated textbooks of the party history, also used the party’s party history "live teaching materials", Jiangsu Dasi, a series of innovative expressions, the hero is living in the moment, approaching the side, never time, the hero chapter inspired countless posts By. (Feng Yuanfang) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Xin).


Jiangsu Provincial Government held a symposium for financial work

Original title: The provincial government held a financial work symposium (Reporter Zhao Weili) On September 15, the province’s financial work symposium was held in Nanjing.

Vice Governor Ma Xin attended the meeting and speaking.

Ma Xin said that financial is the core and blood of the modern economy, is an important pilot and support for modernization. The province’s financial system should be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, 上海高端按摩论坛 conscientiously implement the spirit of the 10th meeting of the Central Finance and Economics, and the deployment of the State Council of the State Council, in accordance with the 10th Plenary Session of the Provincial Party Committee, The general tone of the work is in the middle of the work, closely around the new journey to open socialist modernization, and accelerate the construction of a modern financial system with high adaptability, competitiveness, and praise, and provide strong support for "six take the lead in the forefront". At present, it is necessary to highlight key points, grasp the key, and focus on promoting financial better service entity economics, and continuously deepen the structural reform of financial supply side, effectively prevent the resolution of major financial risks, further strengthen the construction of financial sector and governance system and governance capacity construction, truly effective Supply and continued to stabilize, consolidate and expand our province’s economic steady.

It is understood that in July- July, the province’s social financing scale increased, the amount of non-financial 上海千花龙凤论坛 enterprises issued bonds (after elimination of central enterprises) remained the country’s first; this year, the province has been 22 new bookkeepers listed companies, accumulated 64 people are ranked first in the country.

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Japan’s network is about to enter the mixed situation

[] Suddenly: From this week, the "International Gathering Edition" has added "Chunyan to see the Japanese" column, and the Xinhua News Agency reported by Liu Chunyan, please pay attention. If you travel to Japan, people will soon find that in terms of mobile phones, Japan and China have gaps.

At this point, the Japanese also knows that this distance should be shortened as soon as possible.

  At present, Japan’s online car platform has existed three major combinations in Toyota, Sony and Software.

The Japanese network is usher in the Warring States era. The oldest is the "Japanese Taxi", which is funded by companies such as Toyota and NTTDOCOMO, and the signing taxi account for approximately one-third of the total number of taxis in Japan. A few days ago, "Japan Taxi" began working with South Korea’s large network company Kakao car software, and users of both sides can intermocate each other’s platform. Sony jointly established a new company in May this year, the goal is to achieve the number of taxi resources within 5 years and the "Japan Taxi". Soft Silver funded by the Japanese company followed by Nagoya, not long ago, announced that the taxi company in Osaka will start to start the car service in Osaka in January next year. In September this year, China’s dripping has also been working with Softbank in Osaka launched online service. A few days ago, there was a "0 yuan taxi" in the streets of Tokyo. This is the innovation that Japanese network company DENA is officially launched in Tokyo City. Many local media reported this activity of this attractive eye.

  The main area of ??the customer in Tokyo passed the "MOV" "MOV" in Tokyo, it is possible to call this "0 yuan taxi". Taxi driving in Tokyo, do not charge customer expenses, operating costs rely on signing sponsors and advertising revenue support for the "MOV" of the car software.

  Sponsor can promote their own goods and services outside the "0 yuan taxi" in this "MOV".

The first signing sponsor is a large-scale instant noodles in Japan. The front and top lights of the taxi are drawn on the brand’s signboard and representative bowl pattern, and the car is also full of sponsor advertising elements.

It is alleged that in the future, it is also considered to provide a trial in the car to further induce customer consumption. Free taxis is limited to 50 vehicles per day, and the event will last until 10:00 on December 31.

  This free business model is a network company Dena launched the "Projectmov" program, which enters Tokyo’s eye-catching, it is intended to have customers who have no passenamic 上海闵行桑拿会所 habit before attracting the "0 yuan taxi". .

  This is not the first taxi industry for Dena.

In April this year, Dena began to test the car service in Shenchuan County. Although only about 5,500 cases of signing a taxi, the extraordinary, the fresh ride experience made Dena passengers called other taxi companies five or six times .

With this impressive performance, coupled with the huge attraction of the elastic toll system of advertising income subsidy shipping, Dena intends to enter the Kansai market represented by Osaka and Kyoto next year. Dena said that more new ripple experience attracts passengers will be launched.

There is an appointment management software to facilitate a variety of guests with appointments.

For example, with the catering industry, the 上海最大的洗浴中心 guests who have booked the catering seats. Due to the legal obstacles such as the Japanese multiplier, the windmill, the private car signing platform passengers, Dena’s current disadvantage is limited in the number of contractors. Dena’s "Projectmov" plans to win with the platform of artificial intelligence advantages in the melee network, and wait and see.

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Jiaxing hits the city to block "combination"

  City governance, the people of Minsheng. The reporter learned from Jiaxing City Governance Office that since Jiaxing City launched a central city quality improvement project, since the "100-year hundred" major projects have been questioned, ask for people, asking the people to become a work. In order to further promote the work of Jiaxing City, this year, Jiaxing City transportation department has vigorously promotes digital reform, and intelligent technology to build a one-stop experience for the public, and more measures to help the public to travel smoothly. "5G + Dynamic Green Wave" promotes road smooth "digital + parking" to make parking worry-free, Jiaxing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Signal Time Center and Traffic Signal Control and Optimization Joint Laboratory officially opened, by using large data and intelligent technology Using fine, accurate signal management means, gradually promoting urban artery traffic flow coherent, orderly, and safe. "Compared to the previous,上海油压店解禁 the number of drivers’s parking, waiting for the red light time, and the pass speed will be faster.

Zhang Guoqiang, director of Jiaxing Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, said that the signal optimization is preliminarily formed "a large artery + one ring + two horizontal three shots".

  It is understood that signal optimization considers a variety of factors such as pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, and intersection capacity. The Jiaxing traffic police department also links Jiashan and Tongxiang traffic police department, and coordinated the application in the extension section of the corresponding green road section. And will continue to optimize the existing green wave scheme, further promote traffic management more intelligence, and the signal is more fine, so that travel is 上海阿拉后花园 better. Today, parking is difficult to become a common "urban disease".

The Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee of Jiaxing continued to carry out "three services" and listened to the masses to block the voice.

Jiaxing Xiuzhou District will "small berth, big people" as an important project of promoting central urban quality, using "digital + parking" technology, develop smart parking system, give full play to parking navigation, stop, online payment, etc.

At the same time, the "Wisdom Parking" app that is being developed will integrate all parking resources, allowing the driver to achieve precise parking by means of inducing systems. Xiuzhou District will install magnetic induction devices on the parking berth of the core area roadside parking, so 上海贵族宝贝千花 that the parking data is visible in real time. The local area will also set up 9 parking induced screens, real-time collection, transmission and release of key regions, such as Zhongshan West Road and Hongxing West Road, etc. Bit empty parking space information.

At present, the local construction of the high and low pole and parking induced screens, the equipment installation of the command hall and the block of Hongbo Road, Yingying Road, Penglai Road, and the system research and development work are also in synchronous advancement.

  "Construction + Planning" has improved three-dimensional transportation system. As June 25 this year, the first phase of Jiaxing City Expressway Ring Road is officially opened, Jiaxing enters the new era of fast stereo traffic. Recently, the first-stage green migration and electricity migration project of Jiaxing City Expressway have been launched. It is launched that the first phase of the three phases of the urban expressway will be fully started; Jiaxing has a railway tram first-phase project after the intensive drum construction In the middle, it will greatly facilitate the public to travel; Jiaxing shared electric bicycle supervision platform has been fully launched, will provide a strong guarantee for the quality of the city of Jiaxing City, create a green travel, effectively open the "last kilometer" of the public. At the Jiaxing Municipal Committee of Jiaxing Municipal Committee, the Central City Quality Enhancement Summary Commendation Conference was held on November 2, and the new round of quality enhancement action plan is proposed. Jiaxing City will fully promote the third phase of the expressway ring, 2022 to start urban Jiaxing Jiaxin, Pinghu, Hainan, Haining, Tongxiang Each expressway project construction and Jiaxing airport ray project construction, accelerate the construction of the "one ring eleven shot" fast transportation road network in each county (city), 2025 The overall restroom is completed, and it will accelerate the advancement of the railway train, the second phase of the project construction. "We insist on the problem to go ” a little one program ” effect guide, the masses are satisfied with the three principles, through the topic investigation, the topic, the community, the community symposium, etc., identify a personalized governance plan, take comprehensive Governance measures provide the general public to provide a better and efficient access to the general public. "The relevant person in charge of Jiaxing City governance office said, will continue to deepen the urban comprehensive treatment project, improve the construction of road network, focus infrastructure, and build the whole country The multi-level public transportation service system, realizing the coordinated development of transportation and cities, contributing the "Jia" speed for the construction of the common prosperity demonstration zone.

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Jiaxing Haining Yuanhua Town, a tourism boutique line series rich and beautiful, heroes and poems

  Jiaxing Haining Yuanhua Town is a place where Mr. Jin Yong, who is the writer of contemporary martial arts novels. On the deep land of this humanity, a boutique tourist line is completed, and the rich and beautiful and poems are stringed. In 2021, Haining’s "Huaxi Moral Shaping · Zhou Mo Time" rural resonance boutique line construction, Yuanhua Chang Xiaolun Village popular water scenery is completed, the original village in the middle of the river, the dead angle of the environment is now a typographic tour guest line The river has built a coffee house in the river. The two sides have been built, and the water curtain movies have been introduced in the middle of the river.

The villager’s small building and the river built a wise park, a trail, a lawn, a lightbelt, and the old tree turned into a landscape tree for decades. Today, the villagers who apply to the village will 上海qm逍遥 reach 17 villagers.

  Jin Jing, member of Yuanhua Town Party Committee, said: "Our ecological environment construction is not all pushing, but integrates in the original human history and village characteristics, all retaining the original village style, and new highlights .

At the same time, through the construction of the landscape, the lifestyle of surrounding residents is affected, and they lead them to the common prosperity. "Long Xiaogun Village also has" rural mushrooms, roof power generation ", new energy + agriculture is its pillar-collected specialty industry. The photovoltaic plate of the shed is about 5.5 million yuan in the photovoltaic board. It can save 1680 tons of coal and 4350 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved each year.

In the construction plan of the 上海浦东水磨水磨会所 boutique line, the designer has added "fishing light complementary" on the water-raised fish water, and there are wood houses, the buildings, the buildings on the wooden house. The photovoltaic board is provided, and the photovoltaic board for power generation has increased, and the goal of "zero carbon" development is closer. At present, in the case of sufficient illumination, the inner field museum and nightlights of the scenic spot can be self-sufficient, and there is still a waste of electricity to enter the country’s power grid, providing cleaning energy revenue for the village collective economy. The old industry will achieve new empowerment under the boutique line.

  The Changshu Village created a "Garden" of a farming culture by using the land that resumed the cultivated land to rectify the land, and used the nature growth of the wild, creating a farming experience, and the pastoral sightseeing "hope farm".

Pure beauty rural ecology and idyllic scenery can not only bring excellent enjoyment, but also for photography, agricultural carnival and other characteristic brands. At the same time, relying on the construction of the boutique line, Changxi Village has also built an inletal paradise, a light food, art studio, a scientific research, a tent camp, a low-carbon market set, and has developed a "mushroom family" series. Create products, "Sanghuang Coffee" farm products, are affected by tourists, especially children.

  "We fully borrowed the development concept of EOD in the planning and design of this boutique line, that is, the ecological lead, coordinating planning, scientific research, using resources such as rural land, waters, residential, Lin Tian, ??traffic location, etc. The business is gathered, realizing drainage, steady flow, introduced for new industries, new business opportunities to create bottom conditions, let beautiful ecology become the ‘capital’ of rural revitalization ‘. "The designer of the boutique line – Cheng Tong Kai Sheng Ecological construction limited Company Planning and Design Institute of Li Fangxiang said.

  In the evening, the Elf Park is light, the head is crowded, Zhou Mo Water Street is playing a dynamic water curtain movie show, on both sides of the sights, the villagers and the tourists from the nearby, the surrounding tourists are cheering; the Wosun boat on the river is lightly swaying, The tourists falling in the shore, the tourists who are quiet, taste the beautiful life; the farmhouse in the village is also busy greeting guests … Haining Country revitalizing boutique line, build an ecological background, discovetive ecological resources, establish complete The service supply chain, achieving tourists, is willing to come, have left the full adhesive chain, enhance the integration and interaction of urban and rural areas.

Chen Chengpeng.


Jiangxi Provincial Political and Legal Team Education Correction Leading Group Conference Held

  On November 11th, the Provincial Political Level Education and Arrowing Leading Group Conference was held, and the meeting conveyed the spirit of the national conference, listening to the province’s second batch of 上海实体水磨会所 education rectification work report, review related documents, and research to "look back" work. The Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Political and Legal Council of the Provincial Political and Legal, and the executive deputy director of the Provincial Political and Legal Course Yin Jianye hosted the meeting and speaking.

Qin Ying, and Tian Yunpeng participated in the deputy head leader.

  The meeting pointed out that since the second batch of education and rectification, Jiangxi earnestly concluded that the first batch of experience practices in the first batch of education and rectification this year, tightly the provincial political and legal organs, high-quality high-quality promotion education and rectification, resulting The 上海普陀区油压带全套 national education and rectification office and the central eighth supervision team are fully affirmed. However, some outstanding problems rectification and rectification require further consolidation, always maintain a clear mind, focusing lack of imposing, focusing on short board, strong weakness, blocking holes, and strive for new and greater results.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to consolidate the overall results of the democratic education and rectification, focus on the problems of the central supervision team, give a targeted rectification initiative, comprehensive change, in-depth change, thorough change; serious combining, system integration effective work measures , The improvement of the improvement is the system, forming more experience practices, can be copied, can be promoted; in-depth promotion of clues to handle and stubbornly rectification, ensure that the strength is not reduced, and seek real effect.

To carry out the education and rectification of "look back" work, control the implementation plan, find the weak link, and formulate a targeted "look back" program; highlight the influence of the viper, the case, the case, the stubborn disease, the construction of the constitution, 5 key points such as supervision and advice, and check the accounts one by item. To continue to do a good job in education and rectification, adhere to the combination of education and rectification and incentive political and legal team, promote the development of party history and continue to develop, successfully completed the national political and legal work target task, and do a good job in the end of the year. It is struggling to have an excellent answer in this overall entrance examination. (Reporter Yang Jing) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.


Jiangsu: Yangzijiang River is responsible for the spring breeze and green rivers

Jiangyin Boat Park, Jiangyin Boat Park, Lu Wei, took the Yangtze River, entered Jiangsu, Anhui and county, from Nanjing to Nantong, Jianguantong, a deep waterway, 425 kilometers of the whole line, 369 kilometers of deep waterway, ancient Yangzijiang .

In the view of Zheng Wei, Director 爱上海mm自荐 of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Research Office, if the Yangtze River is a giant dragon, Jiangsu section is in the position of the dragon neck, its status and role are irreplaceable. The Yangtze River is a veritable mother river in Jiangsu. On the one hand, 80% of the province’s production and living water is from the Yangtze River. The total economic volume along the Yangtze River accounts for 80%, industrial, urban and population height; on the other hand, the province’s recovery of 2/3 heavy chemical capacity aggregation At the river, the total amount of wastewater discharge in the Yangtze River accounted for 74% of the province. It is not easy to reduce the long river of the mother river. Three years, twice, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over to promote the development of the Yangtze River economic band development, "shackle the protection, not engaged in the development" and realized the strong sound of the new era. Spring River Plummonic Duck Performance. In Jiangsu, I realized that the ear offered in the Yangtze River in 2010, and I raised 1/3 of the Yangtze River Bohai line permanent "not developed". Jiangyin, which was separated from the river, also moved in the Yangtze River, the river, the river, the river, the rivers, The transformed shipyard park is now a city. Throughout the 11 provinces and cities along the Yangtze River, the total economic volume of Jiangsu is first, which is undoubtedly a "strong child" in the Yangtze River economy.

The Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Secretary said that it is necessary to promote the high-quality development of the Yangtze River economy. Jiangsu is to serve "National Chess". To the province, the pollution control, environmental protection and industrial layout will be promoted, and Jiangsu is put into the development of the whole Yangtze River basin.

"滟滟 滟滟 波 千 里" "Jiang Tianyi color no dust" … After thousands of years, Jiangsu poet Zhang Ruoxu’s "Spring River Flower Night" is still popular, Yangzijiang is expected to reproduce the beautiful picture. The ecological repair is overwhelming, and Wu Chang Zhao once again stationed in the seven dam port. Looking at the party flag on the land of the green net, there was a "recovered lost land" in the chest.

It is close to the Yangtze River and is the scope of the Nanjing Yangtze River Gangpo Provincial Nature Reserve Experimental Area.

A few months ago, Wu Chang Zhaogang’s director of the news office of Qiaolin Street, Nanjing Pukou District, caught up with a hard battle.

On June 23, the central environmental protection inspector "looks back", "Sinking Jiang Dolphin Reproduction Pukou section, found that some of the docks of the seven dams change function, unlicensed operations and other issues.

More than 10 years ago, the Pukou District once planned to make shipbed in Qilu Port, and the large and small shipyards were more than 450. After the shipbuilding industry is cold, a batch of sandstone, concrete mixing station is embarrassed, and there is nothing. "The impression of the porpoise will always be a ‘smile’, but the impact of the ecological environment is already in an endangered state, and the quantity is less than half of the giant panda, is considered to be an indicator species that can reflect the monitoring situation of the Yangtze River Ecosystem monitoring.

Zhang Zhengxiang, deputy director of the Pukou District Agriculture Bureau, said to the reporter that the number of porpoises in the Pukou section is currently only about 20.

Despite the core districts that are not protected by the pufferphia, the situation is not allowed to exist in violation production facilities.

"Literary changes!" This is the response from the Pukou District, and the streets of Qiaolin also immediately settled the military order.

From June 24th to August 24th, the street community cadres mobilized, and the top of the tower is two months. This vigorous river bank protection warlord: 6 concrete companies, 21 sand farm, 3 terminals beyond business scope Equipment, all of the buildings, and complete the illegal land rectification 7 shared, and recover the enterprises to occupy 1504 acres.

"Now look back at the demolition scene of the shot, the excavator ‘哒 哒 哒’ homework, the machine gun, stir the tank, the tank, the smoke is rolling, it is really like a large piece.

"Wu Chang Zha said, the film they took" Mukou is fighting ".

Yangtze River Ecological Repair, Jiangsu Mission.

Only in this year, there are Taixing, Rugao, Zhenjiang and other along the Yangtze River.

As the Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, "General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the economic zone of the Yangtze River is to promote the development of the Yangtze River ecological environment, gradually solve the Yangtze River Ecological environment overdraft. In Jiangsu, it is involved. All work in the Yangtze River must serve this premise, governance pollution does not talk, strictly control the space and do not make a division, repair the ecology and not discounting. "In fact, the end of Jiangsu Province launched" 263 "special actions, along the river environmental governance is heavy The weight of the middle. In the fourth day of this year, Jiangsu environmental protection and public security departments were jointly carrying out a special action for a 1-month co-control of the eight-year-old eight-year-old, and found 1199 environmental illegal entries. Emissions 661 companies The wastewater sampling has been discovered by 256, of which 187 were given, and 161 seals were seized, and 25 closed, it was recommended to transfer the illegal enterprises of the public security organs 277.

The reporter has also learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission. In terms of ecological restoration and environmental protection of Yangtze River, there have been 1496 lattice chemical enterprises, and 112 rivers, 上海浴场按摩 and rectify 523 sewage sewage ports. The task is 82, the water quality of the Yangtze River continues to be excellent, and the water quality III ratio of the national test section is increased by a percentage point compared with the number of references in 2014, and the ratio of inferior V will drop a percentage point.

The rectification results of Pukou Gangbo Reserve were fully affirmed by the Ecological Environment Department, and the Second Inspector of Environmental Protection Special Action of Jiangsu Province Liu Zong Commissioner also evaluated the "promotion of this rectification" is shocking, fighting spirit Sensing, rectification results are satisfactory.

At the moment, it is about to reproduce the roof of Jiangtan and there is Xinhe Village, Xinqiao Town, Jingjiang City. Nearly 400 mu 上海外卖工作室微信 of Jiangtan farms in Jingjiang City is carrying out returning fishing and moist.

"Our village has a bush shoreline, and it is necessary to complete the fishing and wet at the end of the year.

Xu Yuelan, secretary of the Party Committee of Xinhe Village, said that although the farmer’s contribution to the collective economy in 20 years, the protection of the Yangtze River is a national plan, which is worthy of the sacrifice.

(Editor: Zhang Xin, Tang Wei).


Jiangsu Provincial Ground Mine Bureau deployed the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening office, the total goal of playing six major attacks

On February 5, Jiangsu Geological Mineral Exploration Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Province Mining Bureau") held an annual work conference, a comprehensive review of the "Thirteen" period work results, deploying the "14th Five-Year" overall planning goals. The meeting was clear. In 2021, Jiangsu Province’s mineralization bureau should set a good one of the six attacks, and be a good first for ecological civilization construction and high quality development.

The meeting pointed out that the Jiangsu Provincial Groundary Mining Bureau completed the "13th Five-Year Plan" target mission, newly discovered 7 mineral production places, including 1 (special) large golden stone, 1 high-quality large large scale crystalline graphite mine; implement Xuzhou Jia Wang, Nantong Wu Mountain, Yangtze River, 10 kilometers within 10 kilometers, etc., in the country, to build "empty table deep" integrated soil pollution survey, monitoring warning, information simulation and integrated ecological repair technical services System; carry out the urban geological investigation work such as Nantong and extend to the district and county, crack the urban planning problem; invest more than 2,200 people in the staff, completed a number of large geological disasters such as Nanjing Shengshan, Zhenjiang Runa Mountain, etc. With the governance, "three investment" more than 11,000 times in Jiangsu Province, the establishment of 36 intelligent real-time monitoring and warning sites, technology support Jiangsu Province’s 17-year geological disaster zero injury; boring Fujian Fuqing "Hualong "No. 1", Nanjing Changjiang Wuqiao and other sections of major projects.

The meeting analyzed the opportunities and challenges of the development of geological exploration industry in the next few, emphasized that they should be based on the new development stage, strengthen the public welfare service functions, 上海外滩419娱乐会所 and overtily promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy, and achieve high quality development. Take a good natural resource integration and fight, and achieve high quality of services. Cartridge service ecological civilization construction, energy resources safety, optimization of land space layout, urban and rural integration development, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc., actively construct a new pattern of "geological +" work centered on service natural resources.

Have a high-end platform to cultivate the battle to achieve high quality of technology innovation.

Focusing on optimizing resource allocation, innovation management system, building a scientific and technological alliance, building strong innovation platform, etc. level. Increase the strength building laboratory, large data center, and build a comprehensive 上海松闵行水磨会所 platform for service green development.

I have a high quality of industrial economy in the industrial economy. Inform to optimize resources, consolidate the advantages of geological engineering main industries, cultivate emerging industries such as ecological projects, and expand the development and utilization of ecological environment, water pollution prevention, clean energy development and utilization, surveying geographic information, etc., to create new benefit growth points, continue Improve the effectiveness of industrial development, support and protect public welfare service functions with high quality development of industrial economy.

In the construction of the cadre talent team, the organization is high quality.

Carry out two-way traffic, focus on practical exercise, gradually establish and improve the reserve cadre library, 上海贵族宝贝419自荐区 explore effective talent working mechanisms.

Place the cultural spirit to create a high quality of "there is a mine". In-depth promotion of the "seven small" employees home construction, and do a good job in people’s livelihood. Start the construction of a bureaucrat, cultural and sports hall, and widely carry out the cultural and sports activities of cadres and workers.

Hit a pioneer to lead the action to attack the battle and achieve high quality of the party building.

In-depth implementation of the general requirements of the new era, comprehensive promotion of political pioneers, ideological pioneers, organizational pioneers, style pioneers, discipline pioneering construction, and create a good political ecology in the style of ventilation.

(Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan).